Scam Brokers 2021

Antari group
EliteFx Trader Inc.,
Wide Horizon Global Investment
Option Trade Investment




Grand Capital Ltd
RA Solar Technologie Investment GmbH
Global Markets Association
Nazfield Consultancy
Bluerock Financial Services
Salvax Limited
Codex Crypto
Baird Capital
GPK Financial
FRCM Mangement
Evercore Consulting Group LLC
New Traders Holdings FX
Global Trade
First UK Bonds
UK Saving Bonds
Secure Finance
Vmc Global
Opportunity Vip
DMA Direct
Royal Bank Trading
Guardian Bonds
The Best UK Investment
Jiayu Investment International Co Ltd
Lugano Trade Ltd
Investor Checker
Evallon Investment Limited
Crosswind Asset Investments GmbH
Paragon Finance
Slinqo Group LTD
Yung Shiu International Financial
Compare Investment Group
Smart Investor Centre
Compare UK Bonds
Evergreen Group
Emoney Finance
Hong Kong Daniu Securities Limited
Brookfield Investment fund PLC
Create Capital Invest
Patrimoine Connect
Back on Track Loans
Evergreen Offshore Inc
Phase Asset Management
Full Funding Circle
Lombard London
Covestium Limited Investment Consultant
Union Credit Bank
Dristor Solutions Ltd
Sun CFD Trading Inc
Unix Broker
Heronsgate Capital Limited
UK Bond Associates

DUP Capital Limited
Prowell Financial
Investment Boutique Poland
Platforms Goldflame
Brodacz SA
OMC Markets
Elite Capital International Limited
CFI HK Group
Buddy Loans
Cash Window Payday Loans

Regions Trade
Perfect Assets
Atlas Investment Group





FX Bitcash
Passive Trade Plan
Reclaws International (crypto recovery scam)

US Financial Authority
The Mayhill Agency
Silva Consulting Group
Securities Regulation and Recovery Bureau
Securities Registration & Corporate Oversight Commission
Scorpio Acquisitions
Rexbit Capitals
RetireWell Investors
Reclaw International Inc.
Private Investment Bank
Passive Trade Plan
Palmieri Angnardo & Co Inc.
ManMar Capital LLC
LJ Portfolios, LLC
Inter Prime Financial
HV Global Partners
Howden Global Acquisitions Group, Inc.
Global Transfer Service
FX Bitcash
Fisher Bennett Private Equity Inc.
Financial Options Security Exchange
Donald Mark & Bradstone LLC
Department of Financial Conduct
Coldan Investment Company Ltd
BSC Transfer Agent
Boyd & Lyman Law
Board of Securities and Financial Services
BN Securities, L.P.
Ally Stock Investment
Advisors For Excellence
Zilton Capital
Zenith Research Group
Young Capital M&A
York & Williamson
X-Clearing Corporation
Wyatt M & A Advisory
Worldwide Transfer and Trust
Worldwide Regulators Board
Worldwide Insurance Network Group (aka WING Insurance)
Woori Investment & Securities America, Inc.
Woodbridge Escrow and Clearing
Wineburg Corporate Insurance
Windgate Security Management
Windcrest Management Solution, Ltd.
Willkinson Capital Group
Williamson Advisors Ltd.
Williams Royale Associates
Williams Mckenna Associates
Williams & Miller PLLC
William Campbell Company
William Burke Ventures
Wiess & Associates Ltd.
Whittman Simmons Inc.
Whitney Cooper and Associates
Whitman Law Group
Wheeler Consultancy
Whalberg and Kaplan Agency Inc.
Westwood Consultancy
Westhill Partners, Inc.
Westgate Consulting Group
Western Trust Company Washington
Western Transfers Company
Western Pacific Advisors Inc., a.k.a. Westpac Inc.
Western Global Capital Management
Western Equities Corporation
Western Capital, Inc.
West Coast Stock Transfer Inc.
West Coast Financial LLC, a.k.a. WC Financial Group LLC
West Capital Partners, Inc.
Werner Group
Wentworth Fiduciary and Transfer Services
Welsh Securities LLC
Wellington Mergers and Acquisitions
Wellington Capital Markets
Welling & Company, LLC
Welborn Capital & Partners LLC, a.k.a. Welborn Capiltal (sic) LLC, a.k.a. Welborn Capital Partners Inc.
Weiss Rifkin & Partners
Weinstein & Younge Asset Management Group
Weinberg Equity Management
Wegman & Associates
Watson Sandy Holding Co.
Washington Regulatory Division
Warren Sitco & Company
Warren Hill, LLC
Warren Fisher and Associates
Warren & Massey Asset Management Ltd., Inc.
Wampum Group LLC
Walton Mergers & Acquisitions
Walters and Reed
Walter Parker Group
Wallstreet M & A Group
Wallace Jacob Consultants Corporate Services
Wall Street Systems Holdings, Inc.
Waight & Caffie Company Ltd.
Wahrburg Moss Group
Wahrburg Moss
Wade and Wiley Consultancy
Vpoint LLC aka Vantage Point Investment Advisors
Vogel, Maines & Associates
VipBinary, a.k.a. Vip Binary
Verity Transfer Inc.
Vault Acquisitions
Variant Trading
Varalen Capital Markets LLC
Vantage Global Advisors Inc.
Van Der Hout, Parker & Price LLP
UST Financial Services Corp.
US Shareholders Registry Department
US Securities Registration Oversight Commission
US Registration Authority
US Liquidation and Compensation Board
US International Registry & Compliance Agency
US International Investment Trade Authority
US Federal Oversight Investment Bureau
US Compensation Bureau
Upper East Side Trust Management
Universal Partners Mergers & Acquisitions
Universal Equities Consolidated LLC
Universal Consolidated
Uniteds Investment Global Corp.
UnitedOne Partners, Inc.
United Tax Strategies
United Tax Consulting Limited
United States Trading Committee
United States Settlement and Claims Commission a.k.a. Settlement Claims Commission (SCC)
United States Securities Regulatory Commision (sic)
United States Securities Liquidations Department
United States Securities and Investments Dealers
United States Securities and Investments Commission
United States Securities and Acquisitions Administration
United States Regulators and Administration Commission
United States Registration Commission
United States of America Takeovers & Acquisitions Regulatory Board
United States Mergers and Acquisitions Regulators
United States Investment Dealers Organization (USIDO)
United States Financial Services Registry
United States Investment Dealers
United States Federal System
United States Federal Court of Arbitration
United States Fair Trade Bureau
United States Bureau of Securities Registration
United Financial Protection Commission
United Consultants Fiduciary Services (UCFS)
United Compliance Regulatory Board
Union Street Partners
Union Financial Protection Commission
Unifund America, Inc.
Uinvest, Inc.
U.S. Regulatory Trade & Commission
U.S. Regulatory Securities Agency
U.S. Registration of Securities Bureau
U.S. Offshore Trading Administration
U.S. Offshore Registry Commission
U.S. Municipal Securities & Information Board
U.S. Mergers and Acquisition Regulatory Board
U.S. International Bureau for Trading
U.S. Financial Management Service
U.S. District Court of Arbitration
U.S. Department of Registrars Bureau
U.S. Compensation Department
U.S. Bureau of Compensation and Liquidation
U.S. Board of Merger & Acquisitions
Turner, Silverman and Cohen LLC
Turner, Liebermann & Cohen
Tudor Capital Group, a.k.a. Tudor Capital Global Financial Consultancy Firm
Tsaifu Elysium Global
Truman Stock Transfer LLC
Triumph Capital Management
Trillium Advisory Firm
Trident Transfer Services Ltd.
Trident Capital Management, LLC
Tribune Assets Management Litmited (sic)
Trias Ltd.
Trendline Futures Inc.
Treadstone Private Equity
Transfer Securities Inc.
Transatlantic Alliance Inc.
Traders Financial Insurance
Trade Guide Insurance
Tower Insurance Limited
Total Research Group, Inc.
Total International CPA LTD
Tompkins, Price & Walker
Tomason Henry Law Offices
TMRTrust Ltd.
Thornton Wilson Group
Thompson-Russo Securities
Thomas, Lloyd, Cohen & Anderson LLP
Thomas Anderson Advisory
Thomas & Hyde Consulting
The Regulating Body of Securities and Investments
The ICON Group
The Firm Inc., a.k.a. The Ottoman Group
The Financial & Regulatory Oversight Board
The Equity Exchange Group Portfolio Management (Limited)
The Crowne Registry
The Column Capital Partners
Texas Stock and Bond
TDB Financial Group
TCM Financial
Taylor Stuart Financial Inc.
Taylor and Grant Associates
Taxwise Consultants
Tax Strategies Ltd.
Tax Strategies LLC
Tate, Aron, and Madden LLP
Tate and Carver Consultancy Group
Tanner-White PLLC
Tanner and Kaplan PC
Taft MacKenzie Ventures
T.M.R. Trading Escrow and Clearing
Taber Scott LLC
Synergy Ventures Inc.
Synergy Capital, LLC
Swiss Private Capital Ltd.
Swinson Consultancy Firm
Swiftsure Securities Limited
SWFinvestguide Financial Services Inc.
Sure Mergers & Acquisitions
Sungold Investments, a.k.a. Sungold Escrow
Summit Private Equity LLP
Summit M&A Inc.
Summers Associates Limited
Sullivan Seton Murphy Law Firm
Stronghold Mergers & Acquisition Regulatory Board
Stronghold Capital Partners
Strike Commodities
Strategic Private Equity LLC
Strategic Private Equity Group
Stonebridge Securities
Stock Funding Corporation
Steve Pearson Capital Management
Stern Fisher Edwards Corp.
Sterling Equity Corp.
Stephen Schmidt Capital Ventures Inc.
Steinberg Private Equity
Steinberg & Ashley Corp.
Steed and Associates
Steam Takeovers
Stax Capital
Stateside Capital, LLC
State Securities Commission
Stargroove Trade Ltd., a.k.a. Stargroove Corporation
Stargate Advisors Limited
Stansfield Private Equity Ltd.
Stansell Corporate Services, LLC
Stanley Capital Group Mergers and Acquisitions
Stanford Law Firm
Standard New York Securities Corporation
Standard Hokori Group
Stamford Niles Equities, LLC
Squire Investment Solutions
Spectrum Global International
Spartan Capital Asset Management
Sovereign Pacific Inc.
Sovereign Marketing
Southampton Investment Services Inc.
South Atlantic Securities
Sony Global Asset Management, Ltd.
Solution Capital Partners LP
Soloman Mckinley Associates
Smith Kearney M&A
Smith and Olsson
Smith and Lockhart Associates
Smith and Lincoln LLC
Smart Capital, LP
Skyoption LLC d/b/a 360Sky Options
Silverberg & Associates
Silver Spring Capital Management, LLC
Sidstone, Gray & Partners
Sherman Consultancy Group
Sheppard Capital Partners
Shearer Sampson & Associates
Sharp Courage Global
Seward, Groves, Richard and Wells
Severn Funding and Investment Limited
Senaca Stock Transfer Inc.
Select American Transfer Co.
Securities Validation Department
Securities Transfer & Registration Group
Securities Trading Commission
Securities Trading Board
Securities Regulatory Authority
Securities Regulatory Agency
Securities Regulation, Protection and Litigation Agency
Securities Compliance Agency
Securities Board of Regulators
Securities and Investments Disputes Agency
Securities Africa Limited
Securities and Financial Commission (SFC)
Securities Administration
SecureFx Options
Secured Trade Investment
Secured Capital Policy
Secure Insurance
Seale Capital Inc.
Seago South Mergers & Acquisitions, LLP
Scott and Fischer Consultancy Limited
Scott & Alder
Scope Acquisitions
Schwartz Leiberman Associates
Schroeder Law Firm
Schiller Gates, Inc.
SBV Venture Partners, a.k.a. SBV Venture Partners Law Services
SB Registry
Santander Investment Securities Group
Sanders Associates LLP
Salvora Invest and Trade, Inc.
S-Acquisition Corp
Ryan & Mahar, LLC
Rothridge Consulting Group
Rothman Securities
Rosenthal & Goldberg Associates
Rosenberg Corporate Law
Rosen and Schmertz
Rosen and Associates
Rose & Cranfield
Roche Capital Partners LP
Robinson Hurst M&A
Robinson Capital Partners
Robertson Ellis
Robbins, McCaully, Appleby LLC
Riley Securities and Trading Management
Riley Cohen LLC
Ridley Steed & Cabot
RidgeWood Securities
Richmond Grant Security & Transfer Inc.
Richfield Orion International Group
Rhine & Associates
Revera Associates
Regulatory Compliance Board
Reliance Capital Management Advisors
Regulatory Advisory Commission
Regional Regulatory Board
Regional Financial Services Commission
Regent Consolidated
Regent Capital Ventures Inc.
Regent & Langley Consulting Group
Regency Group Inc.
Regency Group Inc.
Regency Acquisition Group
Regal Registrars
RBM International Limited
Rayburn Watson & Associates
Ratherways and Co.
Quantum Reliance Group
Quantum Private Equity
Quantum Partners International
Quantum Global Equities Inc.
Qatalyst Partners, L.P.
PV Merger Group
Provident Capital Management
Progress Investments LLC
Private Trading Acquisitions
Private Fund Management S.A.
Private Capital Venture Group
Princeton Capital Investments, Inc.
Prime Solutions, Inc.
Prime Risk Solutions
Prime Group of Companies
Prime Acquisitions Group, Inc.
Premium Direct Capital Partners
Premier Mergers
Premier Consultancy Group (PCG)
Powell Financial Services
Portfolio Investment Co. Ltd.
Porter Todd Law
Pointe Capital Partners Inc.
Pointe Atlantic
Plutus Private Equity LLP
Platinum Group International
Pinnacle Invest Group Ltd.
Platinum Global Associates
Pinicle Registry
Pierce Morgan Trust Management, LLC, a.k.a. Pierce Morgan Capital Management
Phenix Digital Solutions
PFS Investments
Pex Global Inc.
Peterson Capital Partners, Inc., a.k.a. Peterson Capital Partnership Inc.
Peterson Advisors Limited, a.k.a. Peterson Consultancy
Permanent Fund LLC
Peter Hamilton Law Firm & Consultancy
Perkins Consultancy Group
Performance Equity Inc.
Pennsylvania Division of Securities
Pelican Trading Group
Pegasus Mergers and Acquisitions
Pederson Law Firm
PDH Transfers LLC
Parker & Mckenzie, Inc.
Parker & Masters LLC
Parkbrook Capital Inc. aka Parkbrook Inc.
Park Avenue Mergers and Acquisitions LLC
Pan American Acquisition Group
Paragon Capital Group, Inc.
Pacific Ventures Consultancy
Pacific Capital Management LLC
Pacific Capital Management LLC
P.J. Solomon Securities LLC, a.k.a. P.J. Solomon LLC
Pacific American Securities
P.A.N. Securities LP
Overseas Security Trading Protection Commission
Overseas Investors Information Network
Overseas Financial Authority
Overseas Financial & Regulatory Oversight Board
Osprey Partners LLC
Orient Acquisitions Group Inc.
One New York Financial Services
One Global Venture Group
Offutt Securities Inc.
One Global Management
Offshore Taxation
Offshore Securities Commission
Office of Financial Affairs
Obrien & Shepard Inc.
Oasis Mergers & Acquisitions
O’Coone, McCormack & Button Ltd.
NY Finance Ltd.
NW Advisors LLC
NT Financial Services
Northwest Mergers and Acquisitions, Inc.
Nortia Account Management
Northwest Global Management, Inc.
NorthPoint M&A Advisors NorthPoint M&A Advisors LLC
Northern Alliance Group
North Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions
North American Securities Transfer
Norsk Financial
Newcastle Trust, Ltd.
Newcastle Distributors
New York Securities Division
New York Law Specialist
New York Regulatory Division
New York Law Acquisitions
New York Global Group, Inc.
New York Finance Company
New York Compliance Regulatory Board
New York City Investment Fund Inc.
New York Board of Regulators
New England Private Equity, LLC
New Alliance Securities, Inc.
Nevada Transfer Agent
NBI Energy
National Securities Authority
National Financial Supervision Authority
National Financial Market Regulatory Board
National Financial Commission
National Compliance Regulatory Board
Myers and Baker Associates
Mulvey & Hanson, LLP
Morisson Ventures Inc.
Morisson & Associates a.k.a. Morisson & Associates Law Firm & Consultancy
Morgan Premier Group
Morgan Investment Management
Morgan Consultancy Group
Montgomery Roth International LLP
Mitchell Bloch Law Firm
MKL Business Services, LLC
MIT Associates Incorporated
Minor Group Incorporated
Minemora Investment Group
Miller Winston
Miller Consulting Group
Miller & Ross
Miller & Parker Consulting Group
Miller & Cohen
Midal Consulting Co.
Metropolitan Financial Institutions Supervisory
Micro Global Management Inc.
Metcap Securities
Mergers & Acquisitions Law Group
Mercury Global Acquisition Inc.
Menden Hall Law Office
Mendelson & Associates
Melrose & Greystone
MEL International Ltd.
Meister VI – Meister Ventures Inc.
Mc’Dave Investments & Financial
MCT International Investments
McPherson Gordon Ltd.
McMillan Consulting Group
McMillan Consulting
Mclintock Greer
McKinney Capital Partners
Mckenzie & Sons Mergers & Acquisitions
McCarthy & Bennett M&A
MC Capital Markets LLC
MBR Asset Management
MBC Finance Group
Mayer and Connolly LLP
Maxwell Mergers & Acquisitions Group Inc.
Maxwell Financial Services
Maxwell Consultancy Limited
Maxwell Financial Services
Mathisen Financial
Massaki, Lane and Associates
Mason Securities LLC
Martin Curtis Smith Group Limited Global Law
Marshall Security & Transfer Inc.
Marsh & Reede Capital
Marcus KPO Services, LLC
Marcus & Company Inc.
Manor Private Capital, LLC
Mannix M&A
Manning Capital Inc.
Manhattan Corporate Transfers
Manhattan Acquisition Corp.
Manhasset Capital Management Group
Mandolin Resources
Mallary & Company, LLC
Maitland Bell & Co.
MAGV Securities
Madison Avenue Mergers & Acquisitions
Maddisson Jardine Associates
Macros Investment, Inc.
Madden Group Inc. (MGI)
Macro Acquisitions LLC
MacMillian Escrow Trust
Macellum Capital Management, LLC
Macallaster Pitfield Mackay Inc.
M&A Securities Group
M&A Global Consulting Group
Lynx Mackenzie, Inc.
Lubater Consulting
Longworth and Richman Law Group
Lombard Grand Financials
Logan Acquisitions
Lloyds Commercial Finance
Lloyd Morgan Company
Lloyds & Lambert Capital Ventures Inc.
Lloyd Brown Investments, Inc.
Livingston Mergers & Acquisitions
Litmus Capital Management Group LLC
Lindenberg Asset Management
Lincoln Trust Transfer Agency LLC
Lincoln International Fund LP
Lincoln Equity Partners
Lincoln & Rutherford Trust Management
Liberty Ventures Holding Inc.
Liberty Transfer Co.
Liberty Trade & Investment
Liberty Investors Protection Agency
Levine & Levine Law Specialist
Leo Equities
Legg and Berman Acquisitions Management
Legal Recovery Consultants
Legal Management Consultants
Legacy Capital Management, LLC
Lee Grant Morrison
Lead Global Ltd.
Lead Capital Partners
Lawrence James and Associates
Law Office of Ashley & Gina Wilson Associates
Law Experts of New York
Lansley, Everett & Moore, LLC
Lambert McMillan Corporation
Landmark M&A, Inc.
Lakeshore Private Equity LLP
Krust Global Financials
Kravitz Roth, Ltd.
Kramer & Associates Management Group LLC
KPH Consulting Group
Kobe Asset Management
Kirkland Mergers & Acquisitions
Kirkland Gray Acquisitions
Kipling Mercer & Co. LLC
Kingsley Capital Partners Inc.
Kinetic Escrow Trust
Kiefer Business Services LLC
Keystone Corporate Group
Keystone Global Marketing
Keswick Group
Kensington Advisory & Investment Group
Kenilworth Mergers & Acquisitions Inc.
Kennedy, Anderson & Lang
Karum Group LLC Law Firm
Keep Clearing Corporation LLC
Kaplan Mergers
JT Limited Partnership
JSM Financial
JPR Capital Corp.
Johnson McQuade Acquisitions Corp.
John H. Slade & Co., Inc.
Jeremy Fleming International
Jefferson Clark Associates
JD Trading
Janco Lazard Transfer Company
James & Mays, PLLC
Jacobson Group
Jacob Stuart & Knight Inc.
Jackson Bernstein Associates
J. Streicher & Co LLC
J. Rowan Associates
Itaxation Corporation Ltd.
Isaac Paige Group
IPO Securities Litigation
Investors Advisory Services, LLC
Investor Protection Enforcement Council
Investor Protect Bureau
Investment Recovery Service
Investment and Security Fraud Protection Agency Two Prudential Plaza
International Transfer Services Limited
Intertrade Compliance Board
International Trading Commission
International Trading Board
International Stock Transfer Administration (ISTA)
International Stock Regulators
International Shareholders Compliance Department
International Share Verification Department
International Securities Validation Division
International Securities Regulatory Division
International Securities Regulatory Agency
International Securities Regulators
International Securities Commission
International Securities Board
International Securities Authority
International Securities and Equities Board
International Securities Administrators
International Securities Accreditation Authority
International Regulators Board
International Protection and Surveillance Authority
International Organization of Transfer and Registrar Agents
International Organization of Registrar and Clearing Agents (IORACA)
International Network for Investor Action and Protection
International Investor Protection Coalition, a.k.a. IIP Coalition
International Mergers
International Investments and Securities Commission
International Information Exchange
International Fraud Assessment Agency
International Fraud Alert
International Financial Trading Commission
International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission
International Financial Oversight Commission
International Financial Market Regulatory Agency
International Financial Forensics Organization
International Financial & Regulatory Commission
International Exchange Commission
International Escrow Services, Inc
International Equities Administrators
International Divestment Services IR Ltd
International Corporate Advisors
International Compliance Assistance Center
International Commission of Securities
International Claims Commission
International Business Permit Certificate
International Board of Trade Commission
International Board of Mergers & Acquisitions
InterGlobal Financial Registrar
International Association of Transfer Agents
InterContinental Financial Regulatory Board
Intercontinental Financial Protection Commission
Intercapital Venture Group
Intercapital Equity Partners
Interactive Taxation Consultants
Integrated Tax
Integrated Financial Regulatory Board
Institutional Equity Partners
Imperial Quest Ventures, Ltd.
Impact Finance
Illuminate Ventures Advisor Inc.
IDA Consultancy
ICSID Lawyers
IBG and Associates
Hutton Field Capital Partners
Humphrey ETS LTD.
Hudson Munroe Transfer Agents
Howland Law
Howell and Johnson Associates
Howard, James & Watson LLC
Howard Gary & Company, Inc.
Hopewood and Company
Holland Capital Management
Hogan, Case & Polk
Hobdell and Williamson
Hobart & Roth, LLC
Hillton Stock Investment Limited, a.k.a. Hillton Stocks Investments
Hermann Brothers Group
Hill Law Associates
Henrickson Dickson LLC
Hendricks & Hurst
Heinz Hokkaido International
Hedges Mergers & Acquisitions
Hedges Capital Group
Heckart Associates, LLC
Heale Financial LLC
HCC Global Financial Group
Harris James Associates
Harkins Law Firm
Harbor Light Securities Inc.
Hanworth Weir Ltd.
Hamza and Associates
Hampton Capital Management
Hammond Global Solutions LLC
Hamilton and Pricehouse Consultancy
Hales Securities
H. Taft Private Equity
Gultsara Trading Ltd.
Guardian International
Guardian Creative Tax Planners
GS Global Asset Management LLC
Gruber and Green, Inc.
Griffin Mergers and Acquisitions
Griffin Advisors Limited
Greystone Asset Management
Greyson Consulting Group
Grenfell and Blackrock Associates
Greenwood Capital Advisors
Greenway Consultancy
Greentree Financial Advisors
Greenfield Securities Ltd.
Greenfield Insurance Services
Greenbridge International
Greenfield and Associates
Greenberg International Law & Tax Advisory
Green Wave Corporation
Green Wave Corporation
Green Knight Financial Services
Green Bay Ventures LLC
Green & Book LLC
Great Southern Investment
Great Harbor Compliance Regulatory Board
Grant Group LLC
Graham Morrison Wilson
Gordon, Tait & Co. LLC
Gordon Group Services
Goodwin William Inc.
Goldstein & Bradley
Goldsmith & Harris
Goldman Phillips
Goldman Capital Management
Golden Medallion Trading
GMA Advisory Services, Inc.
Gloucester & Stern Inc.
Global Trading Group
Global Security Transfer
Global Securities Service Group
Global Securities Regulatory Commission
Global Securities Protection Agency
Global Securities Crime Investigators
Global Securities and Trading Regulatory Commission
Global Registration and Transfer Corporation
Global Re-Insurance Services
Global Quest Emerging Fund LP
Global Quest Consultancy Services, Inc.
Global Partners Securities
Global Investments Compliance Center
Global Growth Acquisition Corporation
Global FX
Global Financial Tree
Global Financial Protection Commission
Global Financial Group Advisors
Global Financial Corp. Worldwide, a.k.a. GFC Worldwide
Global Equities, Inc.
Global Direct Financial Inc.
Global Direct Equities LLC
Global Direct Asset Management
Global Corporate Partners
Global Compliance Agency
Global Capital Management, Inc.
Global Capital Markets Worldwide
Global Capital Group Mergers & Acquisitions
Global Asset Management Inc.
Global Asset Registration and Transfer Corporation
Global Alliance Insurance Company
Giles and Hochman Consulting
Glendale Management Group
GFC Worldwide, a.k.a. Global Financial Corp.
Gemini M&A
Garrett Hopkins Associates
Gardner Financial Trading
G&L Partners, Inc.
FX Well Investment
Fundamental Trading Inc.
Fund Investors, Inc.
Frost Capital Partners
Frazer White Group
Franklin Rankin, LLC
Franklin Law Office
Foster & White Acquisition Group
FORTRESS Investment Group
Fortis IM Trade
Forte Capital Mergers and Acquisitions
Forensic Accounting and Financial Fraud Investigator
Foreign Investors Surveillance Authority
First Trade Securities
First Private Equity Group
First Prime Corporations, a.k.a. First Prime Corp.
First National Stock Transfer Inc.
First National Reliance Inc.
First Liberty Transfer Agency, LLC
First Investment Securities
First Independent Accounting & Management Services Inc.
First Financial Management
First Escrow Trust
First Axis Group
First American Group, Inc.
FinTrade Advisors Inc.
FinSolve Inc.
Financial Trading Board
Financial Soultions (sic)
Financial Services Department
Financial Services Commission
Financial Securities and Investments Commission
Financial Securities and Equities Bureau (FSEB)
Financial Regulation Bureau
Financial Protection Intelligence Unit
Financial Protection Commission
Financial Fraud Examiners
Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force
Financial Conduct United States of America
Financial Compensation Authority
Financial Asset Management, Inc.
Financial Affairs Corporation
Financial Advisors KMG
Financial Action Task Force
Financial & Regulatory Oversight Board
Finance Regulation Bureau
Finance Regulation Board
Ferguson Hathaway Consulting, Ltd./FH Consulting
Feinler Management Group
Federation Against Investor Fraud Committee
Federal Stock Commission
Federal Security Trading Regulatory Board
Federal Securities Regulatory Agency
Federal Securities Commission
Federal Securities and Investments Regulatory Commission (FSIRC)
Federal Regulatory Board
Federal Recapitalization Fund
Federal Financial Services Commission
Federal Financial Regulatory Board
Federal Equities Corporation
Federal Division Of Securities, NY
Federal Capital, Inc.
Federal Asset Management
FCM Advisory Services, Inc.
Farrel, Thornton, Lloyd & Brown
Fairchild Holdings & Advisory Firm Corporation
Factor Private Equity LLC
Faber Landau
Everett Capital Partners
Europa Commodities, a.k.a. Europa Capital LLC
Equity Trust Management, LLC
Equity Law Group
Equities Trading Commission
Endeavour Mergers and Acquisitions
Endeavor Capital Partners
Empire Financial Management Incorporated
Empire Capital Partners
Emerald Point Capital
Ellipse Trading
Elliot Private Equity
Elite Investment
Edward Collins and Associates
Edison Transfer Agency
Economic and Financial Services Commission
Ebond Securities L.L.C.
Eastwest Management Group Ltd.
Easton Consultancy, a.k.a. Easton Consultancy Advisory Firm
Eastman Pierce Partners Mergers and Acquisitions
Eastern Security Trading Commission
East West Financial & Securities Compliance
East International Transfer
East Financial Group Incorporated
East Coast Law Florida
DurdanHeyer Ltd.
Dumont Private Equity
Dukes Merger & Acquisitions, Inc.
Duke Smythe Associates
Duke & Bremmer Law Firm LP
Drobium Associates
DreyfusMeyer & Co., Inc.
Drexel Lambert Mergers and Acquisitions
Dragon International, a.k.a. Dragon Mergers
DMR Consulting, LLC
Dixon Associates
Division of Securities for the District of Columbia (DOSDC)
Division of Securities
Diversified Private Capital Group
Diversified Portfolio Management Invest, a.k.a. DPM Invest
Diversified Global Equities Group
District Stock Transfer
Diamond Title Services, LLC
Dial Mergers
Department of Securities Trading
Department of Securities Liquidations
Department of Securities and Exchange Regulation
Department of Regulation in Washington
Department of Orderly Liquidation
Department of International Financial Trading
Department of Law and Public Safety
Department of Interagency Protection Bureau
Department of Financial Trading
Department of Global Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions
Department of Financial Securities Board
Department of Financial Compensation
Department of Financial Regulators
Dempsey Bingham
Dean Witter Consultancy
Delta West Financial Management
DB Yates & Associates
Davis & Rudell LLC
Davis and Company LLC
Davidson Capital Partners
David W. Jones, Attorney at Law
David, Scott & Allen PLLC
Darwin Acquisition Group
Danford Capital Group
Dale, Mariam and Banks Associates at Law
Dailey Securities, Inc.
Cunningham, Austin, Wheeler & Associates
CT Lambson and Associates, LLC
CSA Financial Group
Crown Will Escrow and Clearing
Crown Corporate Consultants
Crossley Acquisitions
Cromwell and Goodwin
Crest Trust Management, LLC
Crest Equity Partners, LP
Crawford Stanley Advisors LLC
Crawford Clarke M&A
CPI International
Cover Capital Partners
Cotton Wood Stock Transfer
Costello & Rubin Attorneys at Law
Corporations International and Domestic Donor Advised Funds Grants FB&CO
Corporate Stock Transfer Services
Corporate Mergers & Acquisition Group
Corporate Consulting Group Inc.
Cornerstone Financial Services
Corestone Distributors
Coreen Bradford Insurance
Cooper Company Management
Continental Private Equity LLC
Continental American Group
Connolly Thomas Law
Connelly Peterson Ltd.
Condor Securities
Commodity Compliance Services, Inc.
Commission on International Trade and Economics (COITE)
Commission on Financial & Securities Compliance
Coltin Securities LLC
Colonial Trust Transfer Agency LLC
Colonial Square Acquisition LLC
Collett Quinlan M&A
Coleman, Peterson & Associates
Colby Mergers
Coleman Brothers
Colbert & Welling LLP
Cohen & Partners
Cohen Corporate Consulting
Clydesdale Securities, LLC
CLC Acquisition Corp
Clifton Capital Partners LLC
Clayton Capital Ventures, Inc.
Clarus Capital Group Management
Clarkson Black Associates
City Capital Mergers & Acquisitions
CitiWealth Asset Management
CIG LLC, a.k.a. Commerce Investments Group LLC
Christian, Bradford and Cohen Legal Group
Chris Gardner Group
Chopper Securities
Chicago Trading Regulatory Board
Chicago Division of Securities
Chartered Capital Management
Charlton Hayfield and Company
Charles Pearson Investments International
Chadwick & Co.
Century Management Division, Inc.
Century Holdings Ltd
Central Trade & Financial Authority
Central Stock Regulators
Central Finance Regulatory Commission
Central Equities Administrators
Centrade Management Corp.
Center Point Financial Regulatory Board
Center for Securities Investigation Department
Centaur Global Advisors
Celivox Alliance
CC Wealth Ltd.
CC Ltd
Casey McCormick Private Equity
Caspian Trading, Inc., a.k.a. Caspian Investments
Cartwright Law Specialist Boston
Cartwright & Keating, Inc.
Cartwright Financial
Carlton Capital Inc.
Carlsson and Capehart Group, Ltd.
Carlson Group Consultancy
Carlson and Clarke
Capital Union Partners
Capital Trust Management, LLC
Capital Transfer Consolidated
Capital Securities International
Capital One Management Inc.
Capital M & A
Capital Insurance Group Ltd.
Capital Arc Holdings
Capital Advisory Partners New York
Capital Acquisition Group Inc.
Capgemini Law Mergers & Acquisitions
Cantata Equity Management
Cannon Corporate Consultants
Cameron Poe & Associates Inc.
Cameron McDonald & Co.
Cambridge Financial Partners LLC
CAIS Capital LLC
Cambridge Equity Corporation
Cain Capital LLC
Cabbot Law Group
Cadwell Capital Partners
C&O Fund Distributor, Inc.
Burton Capital Partners
Burnell Larkins, LLC
Burgess, Cooper & Reynolds
Bureau of International Securities Trading
Bureau of Global Financial Trade Services
Bureau of Financial Trading
Bureau of Financial & Protection Services
Bureau of Compliance and Regulatory Board
Brown and Wenger Consultancy Firm
Brookstone Group Transfer Agents
Brooklyn Arbitration Council

Brookdale West Capital Management
Brookdale Management Consultancy, Inc.
Brixton Business Consultants
Bristol Financial Offshore
Brentwood Capital Ventures
Brentcliffe Limited
Bremer Financial Ltd.
Brant Fletcher Trust Management
Breakthrough Incorporated
Bramwell & Kent Consultants, LLC.
Bradley & Rogers
Brady & Bell Acquisition Ltd.
Bradley & Nowell
Bradford Securities LLC
Bowman & Malone LLP
Boston Private Equity
Boston Management & Research
Boston Capital Management Inc.
Boston Acquisition Group
Boesch Haufmann Asset Management, Inc.
Board of Securities Trading Commission
Board of International Equities
Board of Financial Affairs
BNY Trading Services
Blueford Consultancy Limited
Blue Ridge Financial Group
Bloomfield Trust Management, LLC
Blue Bayou Prospect Management
Blackwell & Associates
Blake Morgan Financials
Blackswan Morgan
Blackstone Royalty Corporation
BlackBox Traders
Black Water Investment Group, L.L.P.
BL Trading Group
Bingham Consulting Group
Binatrex Advisors Corporation
Binary Market Arbitration Refund
Binary Investment Management
Betterlife Investment Group
Best Investors Group, Inc.
Berrscott, Elliott & Associates
Bernstein, Whitman & Lloyds
Bernstein & Younge Asset Management Group, Ltd.
Berkley Liquidation & Administration
Berkshire Financial Management, LLC
Berger Aron Macey
Benton Wells & Associates, LLC
Berdon Law Mergers & Acquisitions
Benson Hill Advisors
Benchmark International Trading Group, Inc.
Belmont Shaw and Associates Mergers and Acquisitions
Belmont Capital Holdings
Beacon Global Management, Inc.
Beacon Capital Management Inc.
Baytree Capital Associates
Bayside Equity Group, Inc.
Barton Advisors, LLC
Baros and Ronaldo Associates
Banner Partners
Banner Commodities
Bank Guarantee Funding
Banc De Binary
Baker Hamlin
Bainbridge Management
Aton Capital Invest
Austin Claymore LP
Atlas Stock Transfer
Atlas Consultancy
Atlantis Capital Partners, Inc.
Atlantic Group
Atlantic Capital Trust Management, LLC
Atlanta Mediation Group
ATG Capital Solutions, Inc.
Association of Securities Transfer Companies (ASTC)
Asset Trust Management, LLC
Asset Recovery Solutions
Asprey Associates

Ashley Partners M&A
Arron Copeland
Arista Capital Ventures
Arlington Securities Group
Argentinian Securities Commission
Ares Acquisitions
Ardent Asset Advisors LP
Ardea Capital L.P.
Arcadia Trading Group, Ltd
Arcadia Acquisition Group Inc.
Apollo Global Securities LLC. (sic)
Apexus Capital Investment
Apex Stock Transfer Inc.
Apex Capital Acquisition Group
Anti Cyber Crime & Financial
Anoli Capital International, Inc.
Anderson Ford Financial
Andersen Mergers
Anderson & Scott LLP
AMK Trust Ltd.
American Taxation Incorporated
American First Securities
American First City Corporation
American Financial Group, Inc.
American Financial Group
Alter Management LLC
Alta Paramount Ltd.
Alpha Investment Management LLC
Alpha Corporate Consultants
Allied Capitals
Alpha Consulting Group
Allianze Global Insurance Inc.
Alliance Transfer Inc.
Alliant Holdings I Inc.
Alliance Group, Inc. 
Allen Brothers M&A
Alexander Kingsley Private Equity Inc.
Alexander Capital Management
Alderbrook Capital Management
AJ Nelson Consultants, LLC
AIA Capital Markets, LLC
Affinity Group
Advisors Group, Inc.
Advanced Global Securities Corporation
Advanced Digital Trade

Advance Partners LLC
ACT Transfer Services
Acquisition & Development Consulting, Inc.
Acquisition & Development Consulting, Inc.
Accrued Equities Inc.
Accrescent Holdings Inc.
Access Broker
Accer Mergers and Acquisitions
Abacus & Partners
426 Investments Incorporated
247 Options Trade
1st American Securities
1st New York Financial Corporation
12 West Capital Management


Options Rider
Bancde Options
Start Options
Dragon Mining
BTC Mining Factor
Trinity Mining

Copy Trade Capital
GL Finance
Merkell Group a trading style of Merkell Tras Group Limited
Bank and Clients
Stock market speculation risks
Globalink (Hong Kong) Financial Services Company Limited
RS Finance Limited
Belgius Capital
Brock Holdings
Cortez Capital
Greenbridge International
Kasimayari Group
Hepburn Investment
Okuras Global Capital
Sapia Capital
Capital First Finance
Alliance Bernstein
my bond finder
Safe Bond
Bond Advisor
Uk Bond Value
FXT Brokers
Multi Fund 10
Next Trade Ltd
Beforex Capital
Comparing Investments
UK Bonds Direct
ISA Comparison UK
Lead Generation Solutions Ltd
Compare the Bonds
Opportunity Fund


Blue Chip Compare
Bond Investments UK
Knight Bonds
Solutions Capital G.P. LLC
A.W. Burns Investment Corporation
OBT International Limited
CFDS Market
Irkasio Holdings LTD
Investam HK
The Antrim Group PTE Limited
HBCMarket Ltd
UK Bond Market
Compare Your Way
Fixed Market Review
New Bond deal
Star bonds
DingSheng International Co., Ltd
Insun Forex
Jinlong Zhihui Information Technology Limited
Zawex sp z o.o
Fundico sp. z o.o
Suisse Commerce Bank
Investor Comparison
Apollo Global Securities LLC
Infinity Financial Services
Itrade Invest
WDC Markets
Financial Resident
Sports Index
Finetero Trading Ltd
Instaloan Ltd
Same Day Cash Loan Limited
Fidel Asset Limited
Wave Makers Ltd
Wave Makers Ltd
Market Info
UK Bond Comparisons
Trade Toss
TutorCare Limited
Fino Capital
Wyelands Bank
GFX Royal
Ark Management
Top Bond Invest
Finding Investments For You
New Bond Deals

United Asset Finance Ltd
HSB Patrimoine
Far Trust International Finance
UK Premier Bonds
Invest Property Bonds
Banc de Luxembourg
Sutev AG
Good investment advisor group
United Asset Finance Ltd
Bit Trading
Payday Zoo
Compare Best Bond Rates
Finance and Service Limited
The National Investment Guide
UMO World Corporation LTD
Plus One Ltd
Clearing Falcon Group Limited
Ding Sheng International Co. Ltd
Innovative Hedging Strategies
Wendav Limited
Steiner Greves
Melgreg Services OU
Hong Fu International Futures
Loewenherz24 Group
Republic Loans
ChaseBis Limited
Live Markets
Quality Bonds
Cabsy Holdings Ltd
Source Capital Bank

Maxiflex Ltd
Burstein Capital Associates LLC
Dunbar Consultanta Limited
Dunbar Consultants Limited
Swiss Financial Management Trust AG
Clifton Consulting Group LLC
Branwell International Limited
NAB Europe Limited
VNC Brokers
Invest Moment
1APayment AG
AA Capital
Abel Myers Consulting
Solutions Market

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