Crypto Investigation Report

So if you have a complaint about an alleged cryptocurrency scheme, you may wonder what the next step is. You may have been told to go to the police or to file a complaint with a crypto exchange or regulator. Certainly, law enforcement and platforms should be involved, but it is best to put your best case forward when filing a complaint about fraudulent bitcoin transactions. 

Many of the people who come to us may feel discouraged. They often have approached law enforcement, but were told there was nothing that could be done with the information provided. Similarly, a crypto exchange can’t simply put an account on hold or freeze funds without evidence.

So what form does this evidence take? A crypto investigation report is a useful tool for those seeking recourse after they have lost money to a crypto scheme. Police can’t do much about an anonymous crypto wallet unless there is a good reason to believe that the owner was directly involved in fraud. 

Therefore, an investigation report adds full context and information to a complaint that can make the difference between waiting or encouraging the police, regulators and crypto platforms to act fast on your complaint. 

Broker Complaint Registry experts have extensive experience with investigating crypto schemes. We consult with clients and provide them with strategies and tools such as intelligence reports that can result in successful fund recovery from the blockchain. Talk to us today, and get started tracking down your funds.

What Is a Crypto Investigation Report?

A crypto investigation report contains the conclusions from an extensive investigation into a crypto scheme. We provide clients with documents to present to law enforcement and crypto platforms. 

This report is created after a complex investigation process that includes consulting with customers, gathering information, using a bitcoin explorer, applying specialized crypto trace software, using crypto forensics methods and consulting databases, and finally issuing a crypto investigation report. 

Once this report is prepared, it can be a useful resource to the authorities and can give them a direction to go to crack down on crypto schemes. Crypto exchanges can improve their service by keeping their platforms safe for all users when they use the investigative report to catch crypto schemes.

Can Bitcoin Be Traced?

One of the most common questions clients asked when they are told about a crypto investigation report is, “Is bitcoin traceable?” and “Is bitcoin anonymous.” After all, one of the reasons these fraudsters focus on crypto schemes is that fund recovery from the blockchain can be more complex than credit card chargebacks or bank wire recalls. 

However, it is a misconception that crypto can’t be traced. The notion that crypto is anonymous is only partially true. It isn’t anonymous but is pseudo-anonymous. There is a code attached to every bitcoin transaction and pseudo-anonymous bitcoin wallet. 

This code, with special software and advanced forensics techniques, can be traced to an identity and a location. This is discovered through a complex crypto investigative process and is printed in a crypto investigation report.

What Is Needed for a Crypto Investigation Report?

When our experts prepare a crypto investigation report, we need the following: 

  • Client information and ongoing communication
  • Applications such as bitcoin block explorers
  • Specialized crypto coin trace software
  • Databases with details from thousands of cases
  • Crypto forensics methods

Broker Complaint Registry is adept at assembling all of the elements needed to create an investigation report that will help you track down your funds on the blockchain. We begin by consulting with the client. We are adept at listening, providing top-notch service on an ongoing basis, and asking crucial questions that will help us identify the owners of the target anonymous bitcoin wallet. 

We will stay in close contact with clients for ongoing information and will ask for more details if needed. An in-depth account of what happened and a thorough timeline of the incident is essential to get started with a crypto investigation. 

After our initial consultation, we will search the blockchain for the transaction between the client and the recipient. We use a bitcoin block explorer or cointracking application that will zero in on the suspected bitcoin wallet. 

This is just the first step. We will then use specialized software that is often only available to government investigators for high-profile cases. This powerful technology allows us to look at intermediary bitcoin transactions. This is important because it helps us look carefully at the subsequent activity that could pinpoint money laundering on the blockchain. This is done through accomplices or “mule” accounts and wallets. 

Many crypto scams use the same mules or intermediary account repeatedly. These patterns will help us identify crypto frauds and the actual location of the client’s funds. Once we have some leads, we use tested crypto forensics investigation techniques. We consult with our proprietary databases that are compiled from data from thousands of cases. 

Following the crypto investigation process, we create an investigation report that contains all of the evidence you need and a map of the path of bitcoin transactions. It also contains suspected names and identities of suspects which helps authorities know where to invest their efforts.

How a Crypto Investigation Report Can Help You

Crypto investigation reports assist law enforcement and crypto exchanges so they can take action and launch their own investigations against suspects. Since they do not need to start their investigation from scratch and already have evidence in the form of an investigation report. Therefore, we have often found that authorities and platforms are much more likely to act on a complaint accompanied with evidence than a complaint without an investigation report.

Do You Need Assistance with Crypto Recovery? Broker Complaint Registry Will Help

Contact Broker Complaint Registry experts if you need fund recovery from a cryptocurrency transaction. We deal with a variety of issues, including data theft, broker scams, and crypto complaints. Our team will refer you to experts who have vast experience dealing with regulators, banks, and law enforcement. We will provide advice and can draft an intelligence report to help you resolve the issue.