Crypto Investigation

If you have lost money in any kind of crypto scheme, including a fake bitcoin mining service or a bitcoin wallet with malware, you will want to find the right solution. 

You may have returned from the policy empty-handed, because they may say they need more leads and further information to go on. The crypto exchange might have answered your complaint, but may not be able to translate your claim into action without a police report or hard evidence that another user on the exchange has used your money for fraudulent purposes.  

This is where a crypto investigation comes into play. With just the story about what happened, you may convince people that you are probably correct and may deserve to have your funds returned, but the work of tracking down an anonymous bitcoin wallet may seem daunting for individuals and organizations that do not have specialized crypto  investigation techniques and procedures in place.

Broker Complaint Registry experts have extensive experience with investigating crypto schemes. We consult with clients and provide them with strategies and tools such as intelligence reports that can result in successful fund recovery from the blockchain. Talk to us today, and get started tracking down your funds.

What Is a Crypto Investigation? 

A crypto investigation is the process of trying to discover the identities of people behind bitcoin transactions. It is done using the following:

  • Information provided by clients
  • Coin tracker apps 
  • Specialized software
  • Databases
  • Crypto Forensic methods

The reason many people with complaints against unregulated brokers and crypto schemes often get stuck at square one is that they cannot undertake a thorough investigation themselves, since they lack the technology, methods and experience with crypto investigation and they are not sure where to turn. 

Broker Complaint Registry has extensive experience with investigating schemes and fraudulent brokers and can track down funds on the blockchain.

How Can a Crypto Investigation Help?

Many of our clients  have already approached law enforcement and crypto exchanges and have been told that there isn’t much more that can be done. This can be confusing because, in reality, isn’t it the job of the authorities to track down fraudulent schemes that are robbing money from consumers? Aren’t crypto exchanges willing to take some responsibility for those who use their services in bad faith?

These are all relevant issues and concerns. However, many police departments and crypto exchanges are not yet well equipped to carry out thorough crypto investigations at the level that our investigators do. Although authorities and regulators are adopting new technologies and training their employees in using these techniques, our professionals have been refining our techniques since the beginning. 

We work with law enforcement, crypto exchanges and regulators by providing them with investigative reports that will make their job easier and allow them to take action against these crypto schemes and suspicious bitcoin wallets.

What Is Involved in a Crypto Investigation?

There are many steps involved in the crypto investigation process: 

Information Gathering

We consult with each client and ask them to give us details about their complaint. This includes a full timeline of events and a description of what happened. We often ask them to submit documentation, screenshots and other material that will help with the investigation. In addition, we keep our clients informed every step of the way and will often ask for more information as the investigation progresses.

Technical Crypto Coin Trace Solutions

We use state of the art blockchain block explorers and coin tracking apps to pinpoint the bitcoin wallet and the specific transaction. 

From there we take the investigation further and use specialized software that is used by high-level government investigators to delve deeper into the history of the account, intermediate transfers and other transactions that point to money laundering. 

With the help of this software patterns start to emerge and we can start to see identifying signs that can help us find the people behind these transactions. 

Crypto Forensics Investigation

Using sophisticated forensic tools, we will then be able to find identities and locations. Consulting with databases that contain information on over 2,000 cases, we can start to identify the culprit, accomplices and may have names, addresses and other details. 

Investigation Reports

Once we have completed the investigation, we can put our findings into an investigative report that can be presented to law enforcement, crypto exchanges and regulators and any other organizations that can take action against the crypto scheme. 

Through our crypto investigation services, you have everything you need to track down funds on the blockchain.

Do You Need Assistance with Crypto Recovery? Broker Complaint Registry Will Help

Contact Broker Complaint Registry experts if you need fund recovery from a cryptocurrency transaction. We deal with a variety of issues, including data theft, broker scams, and crypto complaints. Our team will refer you to experts who have vast experience dealing with regulators, banks, and law enforcement. We will provide advice and can draft an intelligence report to help you resolve the issue.