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We guide thousands of people a year who have lost funds to all types of scams, from crypto scams, to forex fraud to dishonest brokers. Our team consults with clients from all over the world and we use our expertise and connections to refer our clients to the top fund recovery professionals. Finding the right fit is essential for fund recovery success and we have the knowledge and resources ideal for your case.

About Our Services

Online trading fraud and bitcoin scams have increased dramatically in the last year. The SEC and other organizations have issued warnings to consumers. Broker Complaint Registry can give you guidance on how to choose the right broker and trade online safely as well as seeking the right resources for fund recovery if you have lost money to an online trading scam.
It is essential to act fast if you want to track down the scammers and retrieve your funds. Our experts will consult with you and assess the essential details of your case. We will search among our contacts that include the top fund recovery experts in the field and will make the perfect match that will improve your chances of success.

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If you have been scammed by a forex, binary options, or any online trading broker please fill out your details below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Our Services

    Broker Complaint Registry provides guidance and  referral services to clients who have lost funds in a variety of scams including broker scams, forex scams, and investment fraud. Contact our experts today.

    Case Assessment

    Our team consults with you and analyzes your case thoroughly so we can refer you to the right expert for fund recovery success.

    Stellar Customer Service

    We provide prompt and thorough service and will answer all of your questions, whether they are about crypto scams or fraudulent brokers.

    Investment Recovery

    Broker Complaint Registry uses our extensive connections with regulators, banks, and legal authorities to match you with a fund recovery expert.

    Tailor-Made Solutions

    Our specialty is understanding the needs of our clients. We listen, assess the case, and offer the best solutions and services that will yield results.

    Latest Scam Investigations

    We investigate the latest scams, whether they are crypto scams, broker scams forex scams, or other types of fraud, and help you find solutions.

    Case Assessment

    We run a full assessment of your case if you have been the target of any fraud, such as forex and crypto scams or investment fraud.

    Scam Broker Fund Recovery

    If your broker refuses to release your funds or has disappeared we can guide you in the process by matching you with a fund recovery expert.

    Chargeback Process

    If you need a refund of a credit card transaction, we will guide you through the chargeback process. We refer you to experts on credit card fraud chargebacks, merchant disputes and identity theft chargebacks.

    Broker Complaint Process

    If your broker is not complying with terms and conditions, is slapping on extra fees or is not withdrawing your money, we provide assistance through the broker complaint process.

    Broker Withdrawal Complaints

    One sign of a scam broker is the refusal to allow withdrawal or charging high fees for doing so. Broker Complaint Registry will help you file a complaint to release of your funds.

    Disappearing Broker Complaints

    Some brokers take clients’ money and disappear. BCR will refer you to experts who can track down the scam broker and work on the fund recovery process.

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