Forex Withdrawal Scam

A Guide to Forex Withdrawal Scams

Forex is a hugely popular form of trading. Like many other trends involving money, there are many scam versions that are seeking to exploit people. In the case of fraudulent forex brokers, sometimes it can be difficult to know for sure they are problematic until you have already entrusted them with your money. A common problem is when they refuse to allow clients to withdraw their money. This is what is known as a forex withdrawal scam.
If your broker will not release your funds, whether you are dealing with a forex withdrawal scam, a bitcoin scam, or a merchant dispute discuss your issue with Broker Complaint Registry. We consult with clients to determine the precise nature of the problem and will refer you to experts who are experienced and adept at creating full intelligence reports, tracking down scammers, and will help you recover your funds.

What Is Forex?

Forex is short for “foreign exchange” and involves trading various currency pairs. Anyone who has traveled abroad and has changed currency is familiar with the concept of jumping on a good rate or waiting to convert currency until the rate is more favorable. This sounds simple enough, but actual forex trading is quite complex and volatile. It does attract people who are looking for quick trades to make some fast money, but it can also lead to rapid losses.
With the convenience of speed and liquidity come a few drawbacks such as the volatility of currencies. A single unexpected event, such as a natural disaster or a huge institutional investor dumping their holdings of certain currencies can create a dramatic change in the value of a currency within just a few minutes. In addition, automated trading can make the forex market even more volatile. If some people make a lot of money on forex, it is because they have earned it, since the volatility and speed of forex trading make it challenging even to experienced traders.

The Problem of Forex Withdrawal Scams

Not only is forex trading a challenge when it is legitimate, but a large number of frauds, such as forex withdrawal scams also make this type of trading risky. It can be difficult to determine which service is legitimate and which is fake, particularly for those new to the world of trading. Some of these scams are not obvious to the victim until they have already signed onto a service and wired funds. When brokers will not allow clients to withdraw funds, that is often a sign of a forex withdrawal scam.

How Forex Withdrawal Scams Work

Along with other fraudulent activity, such as crypto scams and wire fraud, forex withdrawal scams cause a serious problem for novice forex trading who are looking for a broker. They may disguise their service as trustworthy and in line with industry standards for weeks or even months. They may even let the client make some money, perhaps they will let him or her withdraw a small amount of money.
However at some point, these scam artists will hold the client’s account hostage. They may take the following approaches:
  • Claim that there is a rule that clients can’t withdraw money until certain conditions are fulfilled
  • Cite a clause that they can decide whether or not to release funds as they see fit
  • Charge a very high fee for withdrawals
  • Ghost the client and ignore communications
  • Disappear entirely
You may be asked to pay a very high fee or be required to execute a certain number of trades or transactions before you are allowed to withdraw money. Again, this must be stated ahead of time in writing if the forex broker is to be considered legitimate.
When researching a broker before signing on, avoid such clauses and high fees and do some research to discover the industry standard. Usually, licensed brokers do not charge withdrawal fees, or if they do, very low fees which are stated on the site or in the terms of conditions.
In some cases, a broker will ghost the client or disappear entirely. The broker may stop answering emails or texts. On the rare occasions they can be contacted, they will claim they did not get the previous emails because the client must have whitelisted their address or some other reason. If some time has passed and lack of communication cannot be ascribed to a legitimate reason, get into contact with Broker Complaint Registry.
Finally, the broker may suddenly disappear. You may not be able to access their site or have any communication with them. They may have blocked your IP address or shut down entirely and made off with all of their clients’ funds. In this case, reporting and getting assistance is vital.
To avoid falling prey to a forex withdrawal scam, the best action you can take is to ensure you are working with a regulated broker and to research the service and the website thoroughly. Even if a broker is not fraudulent, problems can arise, and it is important to have a regulator who oversees the broker. This way, if you have a problem with the broker, there is an organization to complain to that will help resolve the problem or take action against the broker, if needed.

Are You the Target of a Forex Withdrawal Scam? BrokerComplaint Registry Will Help

Contact Broker Complaint Registry experts if you have been affected by a Forex Withdrawal Scam. We deal with a variety of issues, including data theft, broker scams, and crypto complaints. Our team will refer you to experts who have vast experience dealing with regulators, banks, and law enforcement. We will provide advice and give you valuable guidance to help you get a refund.

Have You Lost Money in a CFD Scam or Crypto Scam? BrokerComplaint Registry Will Help

It can take some time to research a broker to ensure that they are the right choice. CFD scam brokers may post fake addresses or claim they have a license when they do not or are bolstered by fake testimonials and self-generated reviews. Invest the time to do searches to confirm all of the information on the site and ensure all fees, spreads, commission, and withdrawal information is clearly stated.
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