Crypto Investigation Process

If you have lost money to a crypto scheme, whether it is a fake bitcoin mining deal or an unregulated broker, you may already know that you need a third party to help you track down bitcoin transactions on the blockchain.

 Even the most technically astute consumers may not have access to specialized software and forensics methods designed to track down funds in an anonymous bitcoin wallet. Our team has the advantage over other services because of our extensive experience dealing with all types of online fraud and our proprietary crypto investigation process that has a proven track record of success.

Broker Complaint Registry experts have extensive experience with investigating crypto schemes. We consult with clients and provide them with strategies and tools such as intelligence reports that can result in successful fund recovery from the blockchain. Talk to us today, and get started tracking down your funds.

What Is the Crypto Investigation Process?

The crypto investigation process combines software, applications, databases, and expert methods to pinpoint specific transactions on the blockchain and to map out the path of the funds to additional bitcoin wallets. 

We then discover the identity of the owners of these wallets and provide this information in the form of investigative reports that authorities can use to crack down on these schemes

We arrive at these results not just by using a bitcoin block explorer. That is just a preliminary step to digging deeper and finding crucial data to uncover the identities of those behind these deals. Our experts use advanced analysis to make sense of results from these high-tech methods and can find intermediary accounts and accomplices that can help authorities find stolen funds.

How the Crypto Investigation Process Will Help You Find Your Funds?

Many people go immediately to the police when they feel their money has been stolen by a crypto scheme. Many law enforcement officials are receptive to these complaints, but others are not sure what to do. 

Not all police departments have updated and trained their officers to deal with cyber fraud. Therefore, despite good intentions, often victims of schemes can go home empty-handed. 

The same can be true with complaints filed with regulators or crypto exchanges. Although even registered platforms may express sympathy and acknowledge something negative happened, they are usually not liable for things that occur between users of the exchange. Crypto exchanges like Coinbase are only liable to compensate users for general hacking that affects the entire platform, not for individual bitcoin transactions. 

Many people give up at this point, but fortunately, others come to us. The reason authorities and platforms may not act abruptly and freeze suspicious anonymous bitcoin wallets without hard evidence that can be provided by reports following a thorough crypto investigation process. 

We have seen police take action and crypto exchanges to freeze suspicious accounts and funds after they have been presented with investigative reports, even if they initially turned about the complainants have been turned away initially.

What is the Crypto Investigation Process?

The Crypto investigation process involves several steps:

  • Information gathering
  • Case analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Crypto coin trace software
  • Crypto forensics investigation
  • Investigation report
  • Strategy mapping

When we consult with clients, we ask the right questions to get the information we need to begin the investigation. Customer input is a crucial step. We may ask for screenshots of websites and communications, a timeline of the case, and other documentation that will give us clues of how to approach the case. 

Our professionals analyze the case and try to determine the likelihood of success. At this point, we will instruct our clients on how to proceed and what the crypto investigation process will look like. 

We then use applications and bitcoin block explorer technology to locate the specific transaction between the client and the suspected crypto fraud. We go father with crypto trace software that will look carefully at additional transactions which could be potential accomplices and “mules” involved in the scheme. These intermediaries provide essential clues and may show patterns that can help use uncover identities. 

From these results, we use crypto forensics methods and consult databases we have compiled from thousands of previous cases. From this, we can see patterns that will help us arrive at names and locations that will help law enforcement deal with the suspects. 

After the process is over, we create an investigative report that you can bring to the police or crypto exchanges to help them get started tracking down the people behind the crypto fraud.

Why the Broker Complaint Registry Team Is the Right Choice?

You need a third party to help with the crypto investigation process. Broker Complaint Registry is the best choice because:

  • Our team has decades combined experience dealing with crypto frauds of all kinds
  • We have a team of extensively trained crypto experts
  • Our crypto trace software is used by top intelligence organizations
  • We are fully transparent and involve clients at every stage of the process
  • We provide a detailed investigative report to present to law enforcement, regulators and crypto exchanges

Do You Need Assistance with Crypto Recovery? Broker Complaint Registry Will Help

Contact Broker Complaint Registry experts if you need fund recovery from a cryptocurrency transaction. We deal with a variety of issues, including data theft, broker scams, and crypto complaints. Our team will refer you to experts who have vast experience dealing with regulators, banks, and law enforcement. We will provide advice and can draft an intelligence report to help you resolve the issue.