Bank Wire Intelligence Report

If you have sent money to a merchant or broker through a bank wire transfer and, after the fact, discovered that they may be fraudulent, is there something you can do? The answer is: Yes. However, the path isn’t simple–you need to have evidence and information on your side to back up your claim.

We Provide the Evidence to Back Up Your Claim

The first step is to make a claim and request a bank wire recall. To make your claim successful, you need evidence. Banks are not quick to recall bank wire transfers. They may be worried that customers have buyer’s remorse or that they are making frivolous complaints. 

Broker Complaint Registry provides information that will ensure banks take your complaint seriously. We do a deep dive and use advanced research methods to unmask the identities behind these transactions. 

But wait, don’t you have the name, location, and other information from the bank wire transfer? Fraudulent parties never use their real data. They always hide behind fake names, and bogus addresses and employ other deceitful practices to throw people off their trail. 

Broker Complaint Registry are expert at uncovering these false identities and exposing imposters. We create Bank Wire Intelligence Reports that give authorities the information they need to pursue your complaints. Make sure your claim is a top priority with our reports that validate your claims.

What Is Included in a Bank Wire Intelligence Report:

  • Overview/Summary
  • Regulator Warnings
  • Wire Instructions and Wire Confirmation
  • Corporate Structure
  • Confirmation that Beneficiaries and Merchants Are Not Regulated
  • Persons of Interest
  • Company Registration Extracts

The first part of the intelligence report contains a distillation of the overall investigation–the Summary describes the case and the findings. Regulator Warnings show that the entity has a history of complaints and problems that justify suspicions. We include Wire Confirmation to demonstrate that the transaction was completed and the other party received the money. 

We outline the Corporate Structure of the suspicious party, including all available information and additional details we discovered. The next sections contain proof that the entity is not regulated and describes Persons of Interest behind the frauds. Finally, we add Company Registration Extracts with public details about the company.

Why Our Bank Wire Intelligence Report Will Help You

Banks and law enforcement agencies need evidence before they can pursue consumer complaints. Our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports more than fulfill this requirement and gives authorities a wealth of information about the fraudulent entity. 

Our investigation report can help you see results from your claim and will aid authorities in opening an official investigation and tracking down your funds.

Do You Need Assistance Locating Your Funds? Talk to Broker Complaint Registry

Broker Complaint Registry are the experts you need to help you locate your funds. Fraudulent entities are never transparent–you our team to launch a thorough investigation. We have the tools and expertise to uncover frauds and create Bank Wire Intelligence Reports to increase your chances of a successful claim.