Crypto Investigative Services

Losing money through a bitcoin transaction on the blockchain can be complicated. Fund recovery can be complex because there are not yet regulations to protect consumers on the blockchain. In addition, there are no names or tangible locations attached to crypto accounts, wallets or blockchain transactions. 

The key is finding out the people involved in the scheme first, which can only be done through expert crypto investigation services. People often ask, “Is bitcoin anonymous?” The answer is that it is pseudo-anonymous. Although unlike a bank account, there is not a name or address attached to it, there are codes that can be tracked down through technology and forensic methods. 

Broker Complaint Registry experts have extensive experience with investigating crypto schemes. We consult with clients and provide them with strategies and tools such as intelligence reports that can result in successful fund recovery from the blockchain. Talk to us today, and get started tracking down your funds.

Why You Need Crypto Investigative Services?

Many of our clients contact us after talking to the police or after sending messages to crypto exchanges and feel discouraged. They may have been told there is little that can be done about their lost bitcoin transactions with the information provided. 

A crypto exchange may claim that they have no responsibility for what happens between two individual users, but only have liability in cases where the entire platform has been hacked. 

Although discouraging, there is no reason to give up. It isn’t that law enforcement or the crypto platforms are not concerned with crypto schemes. It is the job of law enforcement to investigate allegations of theft, fraud, and other financial crimes. 

In addition, presumably, it is in the interest of crypto exchanges to maintain a reputation of providing a safe platform and service for all of its customers. However, without hard evidence, it is hard to take action. That is why having a third party investigate the matter and creating an investigation report is the best weapon against crypto schemes. 

What Kind of Crypto Investigative Services Do We Provide? 

We provide a full range of crypto investigative services, including:

  • Customer consultation
  • Case analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Crypto forensic investigation
  • Intelligence report
  • Strategy mapping

Consulting with customers is the first stage of the crypto investigation process and is one of the most crucial. Communication is essential for a successful investigation, and we are adept at understanding our clients’ concerns, mapping out a strategy, keeping our clients informed, and asking the right questions. 

From the information we gather, we analyze the case, predict the chances of a successful outcome and decide how to proceed with the investigation. 

We use web tools, such as a bitcoin explorer and cointracking technology to locate the bitcoin wallet that received the funds and to show the actual transaction. From that starting point, we use specialized software that is usually available only to top agencies. 

With this software, we can find a detailed history of all transactions and we can find out information about intermediaries, sometimes known as “mules”, that are used for blockchain money laundering. 

When these patterns emerge, we use crypto forensic methods to identify possible culprits. Our database is compiled from thousands of previous investigations and can be a valuable resource for drawing conclusions and arriving at the identities and locations of suspects. 

After we have concluded the investigation, we draw up investigation reports that summarize our findings. Clients can present these reports to law enforcement and crypto exchanges to encourage them to take actions against crypto scam suspects, take disciplinary action and seize funds on behalf of clients.

How Our Crypto Investigative Services Can Make the Difference?

Looking carefully at the process of crypto investigation, we can see that it requires expertise, specialized technology, time-tested methods, and familiarity with these cases to identify suspects and encourage authorities to get involved. 

An individual may be highly motivated and have a detailed complaint, but working with Broker Complaint Registry professionals will provide a thorough result more quickly. Time is of the essence when it comes to cointracking because money laundering can be done on the blockchain quickly. 

Broker Complaint Registry stands out from other services because of our years of expertise dealing with cyber fraud and fund recovery. Talk to our professionals about your complaint and we will draw up an effective game plan for tracking your funds.

Do You Need Assistance with Crypto Recovery? Broker Complaint Registry Will Help

Contact Broker Complaint Registry experts if you need fund recovery from a cryptocurrency transaction. We deal with a variety of issues, including data theft, broker scams, and crypto complaints. Our team will refer you to experts who have vast experience dealing with regulators, banks, and law enforcement. We will provide advice and can draft an intelligence report to help you resolve the issue.