Crypto Trace Services

Cryptocurrency is an exciting, new way to make purchases, send money, and trade assets. However, there is a darker side to this trend—cryptocurrency schemes. The number of cryptocurrency schemes and hacking has reached record levels. Whether it is fake bitcoin mining, bitcoin wallets containing malware, or unregulated crypto brokers, there are plenty of dishonest people who are misusing the blockchain for their own benefit. 

When people realize they have lost their money to an anonymous bitcoin wallet, they may despair of getting it back or catching the people who took it. They may ask, “Is bitcoin anonymous?” or “Is bitcoin traceable?” They may reason that if there are no names attached to bitcoin wallets and accounts, how can investigators possibly track them down? 

The answer to those questions is that bitcoin is not completely anonymous but pseudo-anonymous. This means that even though there are no actual names connected with bitcoin transactions, with crypto trace investigative techniques, it is possible to find out who these people are. So yes, bitcoin is traceable with the right professionals on your side. 

Broker Complaint Registry experts have extensive experience with investigating crypto schemes. We consult with clients and provide them with strategies and tools such as intelligence reports that can result in successful fund recovery from the blockchain. Talk to us today, and get started tracking down your funds.

The Challenges of Tracking Down Bitcoin Transactions

You may have had success with fund recovery from credit cards, financial platforms, or even bank wire transactions. If you notice unauthorized transactions on your credit card, you can simply notify the credit card’s issuing bank and in most cases, they can perform a credit card chargeback and reverse the charges.

 The same can be done with Paypal chargebacks. Bank wire recalls are more challenging, but at least you have the name and information about the recipient. However, getting your money back from bitcoin transactions can be far more difficult than traditional forms of fund recovery, because there are no names on bitcoin wallets or accounts. There are only numerical codes.

How to Track a Bitcoin Address

However, the anonymous bitcoin wallets can still be traced to an actual user with the right technology and crypto trace services. Since every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, there is greater transparency with bitcoin transactions than other types, because the information is publicly available. Imagine if your bank activity was redacted with concealed names but the amounts and the numbers were still visible. That reflects the level of transparency of the blockchain. 

This means that once the pseudo-anonymous bitcoin wallet is connected to a user, the identity of the holder can be revealed and if necessary, action can be taken if it is a fraud. There are many steps between having the number of a wallet and a transaction and finding the people who hold the funds, which is why consulting with professionals who are adept at fund recovery is essential for tracking down your bitcoin transactions.

What Are Crypto Trace Services?

Crypto trace services gather and analyze available information provided by the client and derived from applications, software, and databases to identify the holders of bitcoin wallets and their locations. 

The approach combines technological, forensics, and data-driven solutions to assist victims of crypto schemes to locate their funds on the blockchain and to present their cases to authorities and crypto exchanges with a thorough investigative report. 

The types of crypto trace services we offer include:

Customer Consultation

When a client first contacts us they may feel overwhelmed by having lost money to what could be a crypto scheme and concerned about tracking down their funds on the blockchain. They may have received some unhelpful advice from people who are unaware of the crypto trace service. Some have come away empty-handed from authorities or crypto exchanges that tell them there is nothing more they can do. 

Our team will answer client questions and describe the crypto trace process. We will give a realistic outlook on the chances of successful recovery and will suggest strategies for presenting a case to the authorities or regulators. 

Information Gathering

Crypto investigators need specific types of information from clients and will request certain documents that will provide a full picture of what happened with some possible clues pointing to the identity of the culprit. Clients may be asked to provide screenshots, documentation, and other corroborative evidence that will help investigators on their trail.

Crypto Coin Trace Technological Analysis

Using a bitcoin block explorer and cointracking technology, our investigators will be able to isolate the transaction and the anonymous bitcoin wallet. However, this provides merely a code and no real identity or location. 

To find that, we have to dig deeper and use advanced crypto coin trace software that will provide a detailed map of all transactions, including intermediary accounts or mules. Fraudsters often depend on these intermediary accounts to launder money successfully. This may be a way of covering their tracks, but for our investigators, it can expose the fraud. 

Our software can often detect certain patterns fraudsters use, including sending money through the same “mules’” repeatedly. We can also find out enough about these intermediate accounts and the kingpin that we can often uncover their names and locations. We carry out a full crypto forensics investigation using information from our databases gleaned from thousands of cases. With these resources, we are often able to narrow it down to one or two possible people. 

Investigation Reports

After the crypto trace investigation, we create an investigative report that details the conclusions of our investigation. These reports can be presented to law enforcement, crypto exchanges, or regulators and can give enough information for a criminal investigation or disciplinary action against the fraudster.

Do You Need Assistance with Crypto Recovery? Broker Complaint Registry Will Help

Contact Broker Complaint Registry experts if you need fund recovery from a cryptocurrency transaction. We deal with a variety of issues, including data theft, broker scams, and crypto complaints. Our team will refer you to experts who have vast experience dealing with regulators, banks, and law enforcement. We will provide advice and can draft an intelligence report to help you resolve the issue.