Bitcoin Forex Scams

A Guide to Bitcoin Forex Scams

Bitcoin and forex are popular. We see these words probably every day, particularly on advertisements. Some of these ads can be legitimate and others are meant to attract people to bitcoin forex scams. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell the difference between the two. Understanding how these legitimate services work and the mechanism of bitcoin forex scams is the best way to avoid bitcoin forex scams.
If you, like many other people, have lost money in these fraudulent schemes, it is important to make a complaint. Broker Complaint Registry will consult with you and refer you to experts who have vast experience and knowledge about bitcoin forex scams. They will investigate your case and provide you fund recovery services that can lead to a successful result.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the first type of cryptocurrency to hit the market. It has been around since 2009 and is growing in popularity, especially following Elon Musk’s $1.5 billion purchase of bitcoin.

This digital currency can be used to purchase items online. More companies are accepting payments in bitcoin and bitcoin trading is attracting many people who want to make some extra money.
Bitcoin services and products are proliferating so fast that it is a challenge to keep track of them.

This allows many Bitcoin scams to pop up to the point where it can be difficult to distinguish bitcoin scams from legitimate cryptocurrency products. Bitcoin is a double-edged sword. It can provide more security because it is traded on the blockchain where every transaction is recorded and encoded with encryption. It also provides anonymity. However, this anonymity can be used to perpetrate bitcoin forex scams and can make money laundering easier.

Why Are CFDs Controversial?

Forex means foreign exchange. It involves trading the difference between currency pairs from the time the trade begins to the contract time. Currency values fluctuate wildly and one national event can dramatically raise or lower the value. This type of trading can lead to significant gains and losses and is a high-risk-reward proposition. Many people are attracted to forex because they believe it is easy to understand and can make them money fast.
This expectation can make people vulnerable to bitcoin forex scams. The truth is that trading currency value fluctuations is more complicated than just deciding when to change dollars to euros on vacation, which is many people’s first experience with practical foreign exchange trading.
Forex can be affected by institutional investors buying up huge amounts of one currency and dumping another. It can be hard for a novice trader to make a lot of money on forex. Experience, training, and knowledge of the market can yield results. However, bitcoin forex scams deny these are necessary and claim their plan can lead to instant riches.

Common Types of Bitcoin Forex Scams

Forex and bitcoin attract their own scams individually, but in some cases, there are combined bitcoin forex scams. The reason is that both trends are so popular, scammers want to exploit the interest in forex trading and cryptocurrency for their own purposes.
The other reason is the bitcoin allows a certain degree of anonymity which can mask fraudulent behavior and allow the scammer to transfer the funds into a secret account or launder it. The following are common types of bitcoin forex scams.

Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi schemes were made famous by Bernie Madoff, who defrauded investors of vast sums of money. However, Ponzi schemes have been around long before Bernie Madoff and will continue, unfortunately, for generations.
Ponzi schemes present themselves as investments, but no investments or trading take place. The money from investors is used to pay those who make withdrawals. Meanwhile, the fake broker makes a lot of money on commissions. The Ponzi broker is in trouble if there are many withdrawals at once, which is why they try to delay clients from making withdrawals and encouraging them to make more fake trades.
These Ponzi schemes can be bitcoin forex scams when the so-called investments are in bitcoin or forex or if the broker only accepts bitcoin. Be wary of any broker or service that does not offer any other payment methods than bitcoin, because it is a red flag for scammers who want to ensure all of their transactions are anonymous. This anonymity is often used to disguise illegal activity.

Pump and Dump

Pump and dump strategies are outlawed, but they still happen. This occurs when a fake broker holds a devalued asset and encourages clients to buy it. When clients buy, the asset rises in value. When it reaches an ideal level, the broker will sell his or her own holdings.

In some cases, these holdings are substantial and will devalue the client’s investments. The clients may have no idea their brokers have made these trades because unscrupulous brokers do not make their holdings or trading activity public. Consumers should be aware that all brokers must disclose their own holdings to prevent pump and dump scams.

Select a CFD broker with the following:
  • A license from a top-tier regulator
  • Transparency about all fees
  • Accurate, verifiable contact information and address
  • Strong communication
  • Realistic claims
  • A strong reputation
  • An advanced trading platform
  • A reasonable withdrawal policy

Other Bitcoin Forex Scams

There are many other types of bitcoin forex scams, including
  • Fake forex or bitcoin platforms
  • Social Media Imposters encouraging trading or fake charitable giving
  • Phony forex apps paid with bitcoin
  • Bitcoin phishing through forex trading scams
Basically, there are as many bitcoin forex scams as there are scammers who are eager to bilk customers of their money.
Ues extreme care before getting involved in a bitcoin or forex trading scheme. Research the service well to confirm it is legitimate. Do not share private information or bitcoin data with anyone, because there are many scammers who find ways to steal bitcoin through fake trades. If you have lost money in a bitcoin forex scam, talk to Broker Complaint Registry.

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