Crypto Broker Blacklist

Crypto Scam Blacklist

Crypto Broker Blacklist-03
Unfortunately, every day there are cryptocurrency brokers looking to scam unsuspecting victims. The table below is a blacklist consisting of crypto brokers who have scammed those who made complaints on Broker Complaint Registry. If you would like to report abuse by any of these brokers please click on the name of the broker in the table and you will be directed to their complaint page. There, you can fill out the form and one of our representatives will get back to you.

Cryptocurrency Fraud Websites List Search for the broker that scammed you below and file a complaint

0chain 0xcert 4DPN NETWORK
Abeonacoin Abulaba Expocrypt Actinium
Adrenaline Coin Airbitclub Airbon Airfio
AIZeus Abeonacoin ALL.ME Alphatech
Apollocurrency Arabinvest ARBITRAGE Arbitraging
Arbitraging arbitraging Artax Artax
ATBcoin Atkcoin Changenow ATRONOCOM
Auroracoin Bankera Befund Beldex
beldex Betrium Betrium
BIMCOIN BitBlender Airbitclub Bitcoin Game
Bitcoin Modern Vision Bitcoin Private Bitcoincrown
BitcoinSV Gold Bitconnect Bitdeal Bitdepositary
Airbon BITGOLD Bitmonk Coin Monkey AIZeus
Bitway Network Biyanzu Bitgamecash BTKuCoin
Budbo BullandBear Burstcoin Bytecoin
Bytecoin Capital Expanse Capra CarinCoin
Cashaa Cashless Pay Group CCECOIN CENTRA
ALFACoin Changepro chrysos Cloud token Cointroops COMERCEX Cotton Coin
Credence Coin Credits Cropcoin Crown Service
Crown Service (CNSC) Crypterium Cryptoexpo Zantepay
Cryptolux CRYPTONITY CryptoSecure CryptoTradersCash
Cyber Movie Chain CyberPay Network Dacxi DAC coin Dagcoin
Daps coin Darex Travel DasCoin Decentralized ID
Decenturion Delizia Dentacoin Digital Money
Digital Money DigitexFutures Less-Chain Direct Coin
DITCOIN Dogefather Dootron Dorado
Arabinvest DRAC Barcelona Dropil DWS token
Electronero Electronero Pulse electroneum Electroneum
Elitetreum Elitetreum Elitetreum Empowr
Empowr coin Encrypex Envion
ePLN Eqitii ErnToken escrow coin
Etheera ETHERCONNECT ethereumcashpro Greeneminer
Eurocinpay Expocrypt Faceblock Farstcoin
Elitetreum feston Fidelium Finacoin
Fincryp Chain FirstCoin Folm coin Folm coin
Foodchain Fox Trading Freecoin FUTURAX
FUTURAX Futuro coin Galatium Galaxium
Gems HitBTC ggcoin GIGA
Global Game Chain Globfone GO Network
Graphgrail Greeneminer GreenPower Habibi Coin
hexxcoin HitBTC Hoard Hoard
Honeypod HyperPay IceRock Mining ICO Involve
ILLUMETECH IMPulse indaHash Infireum
Initiative Q INTERSTELLER HOLD Invacio Investcoin
JasonEdwardsCoin Kabutocoin KaratcoinBank Kegcoin
Kerberos Coin KIBO Platform Kidbizo KITCOIN
Kitty Coin Koinstreet Konios Kraken
Krios Krios Lake Banker Lamoneda
Atkcoin Libereum Liquid Regenerative Medicine Coin Litecoin
Litecoin Cash Litecoin Cash Litecoin Cash LitecoinDiamond
Mano Coin MarijuanaCoin Mavro MAZE
MD Tokens MD Tokens Menlo One Menlo One Minax Minexcoin Minexcoin
MingoCoin mnex Koinstreet Monero Claim
Monero Trust MoneroV Monetize Coin monetizecoin
MoneyToken MoneyToken monyx Bitmonk Coin Monkey
NANJCOIN NANOCOIN Tech Netavo Neworkoin
Nexium Nimiq Nimiq Nimiq
Nucleus Vision NulleX NuruCoin Nyxcoin
Obsidian Obsidian ODIN blockchain Odyssey OMC Markets OneCoin ORBS
OZTGToken (OZTG) PACT Coin ParkByte Pascal Coin
PayToBit PChain Pdxbaap PICPOTO
PITSTOP PKG play2live Playgame
Playkey Ploutus Coin PlusCoin Pocaga
PoSToken PrivatePay PrivatePay ProfitCoin
Globfone Cointroops Qabio QuarkChain
Bitraw Rchain RealtyCoin Bitblendr
Right Mesh Rutheneum SAFC Salvus Solutions
Samfins SENSE Token Sexycam ShipChain
Cryptoexpo SiaCashCoin Sint Global
Sirinlabs Token Sirinlabs Token skyrim SMART Trade COIN
SmartCash smartfox Snowball Mining
Sparkster Sparkster Spectrecoin Stakenet
STARDUST coin Stopthefakes StopTheFakes stox
Subi Platform SUCRE MONEDA SUCRE MONEDA Sudan Gold Coin
Superstreamtoken swissrealcoin OMC Markets TaTaTu
TechCoin The Liberty Coin -
TipperEconomy Tkeycoin Tkeycoin Superstreamtoken
Traxalt Traxion token Trextokens tronclassic
BitBlender UbiatarPlay UbiatarPlay ucoincash
uHUB token UltraPay Coin umicoin Universa
upstake upstake VapersCoin VapersCoin
VEEN Vendicoins Vendio
Lantcing Double Diamond Coin Tkeycoin Vernam Vernam
VIPSTAR COIN Visus Volix Network Volix Network
Cryptolux Walletoken WaltonChain WebDollar
WeKu Winged Winged Winged
Zynecoin Grandefex crytomama Bitclub
Pure Bit iFan Benebit Bitconnect
Confido RECoin Ponzicoin Karbon
Bitclub Network Paxful OneCoin Coinbase
Enigma Bitqyck PayCoin Bitcoin Wallets

If the name of the broker that scammed you is not included please click on this link and you will be directed to the Contact Us page. Once you are there please be sure to enter all of the information and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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