Romance Scams

Many people succeed in finding love online. Chances are you or someone you know has met a special person through a dating platform on social media that led to a rewarding relationship. However, there is a darker side to digital hook-ups. 


We should all be careful about people we meet online. They may turn out to be unstable people or those with dark histories. In addition, dating platforms and social media are where financial fraudsters who run forex trading scams and crypto scams often seek their prey. In addition, some may be out to phish data and commit identity theft. Just an innocent flirtation can end in not only heartache but in becoming a victim of fraud. 


Broker Complaint Registry is the right place to turn when you have lost money as a result of hacking or data theft. We consult with clients and refer them to experts who can pursue their case in detail and work to investigate the broker or scam, and in many cases, succeed in fund recovery. Talk to us today, and we can provide guidance on how to deal with the claim. 

Romance Scam

What Are Romance Scams?

Romance scams occur when people who meet others on the pretext of romance have other motives. They may turn the topic from their budding relationship to trying to push something that turns out to be a bitcoin scam. They may say they desperately need money for a needed operation or to pay a fee. They could also ask for personal information. 

Romance scams rely on the ability to conceal information. Typically, a romance scammer will present themselves as an incredibly attractive man or woman and will use fake names and pictures of gorgeous models from stock photo pictures. These photographs may feature someone in a flashy outfit or scantily clad in a swimsuit. 

They may pose with a fancy boat or flashy car. However, they will then ask for money and claim that, although they are well-to-do, some of their money is being temporarily held up somewhere. They may also use these photos of luxury to sell you on a forex trading scam and claim that they have trading advice that will make you millions. 

When people pretend to be who they are not online to spy or pull off a crypto scam or forex scam, it is called catfishing. They will try to get to know you and may even play the long game quite well and feign interest long enough that they will earn their victim’s trust. 

One red flag for a romance scam is if they refuse to have a video chat or meet in person. One reason romance scams flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic is that everyone had a good excuse not to meet in person. However, if they keep saying their camera doesn’t work, not only on their computer but all their devices, and if they start asking for money, that is a sign of a scam. 

The issue of money will come up eventually in a romance scam. It is inevitable. Either they will ask for a personal loan or they will provide some investing advice through a forex trading scam or bitcoin scam idea. This is when any aware consumer should walk away and cut off contact. It is also important to warn others.

In some cases, a friend may ask for a personal loan, but a person you have never met in person is risky. Usually, after some internet research, you will also be able to establish that the identity of the person you have been talking to is fake

Case Study of a Typical Romance Scam

At Broker Complaint Registry, we often see romance scams. The pattern of a typical romance scam is like the case of someone we will call George (not his real name).

George was looking for a new romantic partner and opened an account on a dating site. He met what he thought was a beautiful woman who looked like a model and was wearing a bikini. She had a cute name and there were pictures of her in luxurious surroundings that implied she had a lot of money. 

George spoke with the woman we will call Sondra for a day or so until Sondra asked him to leave the dating site and communicate on Whatsapp instead. A few days later, Sondra said she needed a thousand dollars fast to release her funds from an investment broker, because of a withdrawal fee. Sondra said she would be able to pay George back immediately once she received the money. 

Sondra asked that the money be sent in bitcoin “for added security.” She became more romantic that day and the next day, but then she said there was a problem and she needed to pay another $1,000 because there was a mistake with the wire transfer. Sondra assured George everything would be returned in days. 

When George sent the second $1,000 in bitcoin, Sondra disappeared. She had blocked him on Whatsapp and on social media. George realized that the whole thing had been a romance scam. Not only was he disappointed on an emotional level, but he lost $2,000 in just a few days to someone he didn’t even know. 

Signs of a Romance Scam

How to avoid a romance scam? Be suspicious of the following and walk away

  • The person looks like a model or a Hollywood star and is showing off their body and their money 
  • They immediately tell you to leave a dating or social media platform for text
  • They come up with reasons not to do video chat or meet in person
  • They ask for money
  • They ask for money in bitcoin or through means that can’t be traced

You can date safely online as long as you stay away from any of the above situations.

Have you been robbed in a romance scam? Broker Complaint Registry Will Help

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