Trade Principal (Billions Trade Ltd) Cannot withdraw money from this company

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Kiyoshi asked 6 years ago

I deposited approx. 26k AUD to this company called Trade Principal and have 25K USD equity. requested a withdrawal full amount of 25K USD(worth 34K AUD) they said withdrawal made thru i-account money platform and takes 5 business days or so. waited 7 business days but they said bounce back the money to their account because i-account asked us to pay a $5k fee needed to be payed for the transfer to proceed. this is liquidation and break of contract fee. Trade Principal asked me to pay the fee then release the fund. totally bullshit this company and i want just my money back that’s it.
please stay away from this company!!

John replied 6 years ago

They are doing the same thing to me.. they are saying i need to pay 10 thousand usd. To 42 thousand usd out. Anyway of recovering my money or is it gone.? They took over 300 thousand from me!

L replied 5 years ago stole money.They are rude.They will not comeback your money.

L replied 5 years ago ask to pay 5-10000k GBP for money recovery in advance.

1 Answers
Hate Trade Principal answered 5 years ago

Stay away from this company, Trade Principal( Billion Trade Ltd) they are a scammer. Daniel Evans, Richard Stevenson and  Jane Ackerman are bullshitter so don’t trust their words and their company. If you are trading with this company, you should order charge back with your bank immediately!!!