ForumCategory: Questionshas anyone dealt with IQ Optioners and are they scammers
Elizabeth asked 3 years ago

I paid $200 to start trading. the lady I was dealing with gets 10% commission of my profit. now she didn’t tell me that I had to pay her commission before I could withdrawal my profit. so she said I cant touch my profit until I pay her the $985 commission which I don’t have. she said if I don’t pay it I have to email IQ Optioners and get them to put the commission over to her and link her to my bank account so she can get all my profit which there is no way im linking her to my bank. 
but I also worried if I find the money to pay her commission then I wont end up getting my profit. 
has anyone dealt with them

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Mods answered 2 years ago

Yes they are. 
They aren’t until you lose money.