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Caution Investors Trade Market Analysis – Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy market intermediary to help you with your investment and trading needs, you should steer clear of Trade Market Analysis. This company is a suspected boiler room scam that has been warned by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) on 21 Sep 2023. In this review, we will explain what a boiler room scam is, how Trade Market Analysis operates, and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Regulation and Compliance:

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a market intermediary is whether they are regulated and compliant with the relevant laws and rules in their jurisdiction. Regulation and compliance ensure that the market intermediary is legitimate, transparent, and accountable for their actions. It also protects the investors from fraud, manipulation, and abuse.

Trade Market Analysis claims to be based in The Netherlands, but it does not have an AFM license or a European Passport. This means that it is not authorized to offer investment services or products in The Netherlands or in any other European country. The AFM is the regulator responsible for supervising the conduct of the financial markets in The Netherlands. It aims to promote fair and transparent markets, protect consumers, and enhance financial stability.

The AFM has issued a warning against Trade Market Analysis on its website (, stating that this company is a suspected boiler room. A boiler room is a term used to describe fraudulent individuals and organizations that use aggressive and deceptive sales tactics to persuade potential investors to buy shares that are either worthless or non-existent. They usually contact people unsolicited (cold calling) and promise high returns on their investments. However, once the investors pay for the shares, they either receive nothing or lose their money.

Customer Reviews:

Another way to assess the credibility and reputation of a market intermediary is to look at their customer reviews. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality of their products and services, their customer service, and their overall satisfaction. However, customer reviews can also be manipulated or fabricated by the market intermediary themselves or by third parties.

Trade Market Analysis does not have any genuine customer reviews on its website or on any other reputable platforms. The only reviews that we could find were negative ones from people who have been scammed by this company. They reported that Trade Market Analysis contacted them out of the blue and pressured them into buying shares that turned out to be worthless or non-existent. They also complained that Trade Market Analysis refused to refund their money or answer their calls.

Products and Services:

A market intermediary should offer a range of products and services that suit the needs and preferences of different types of investors and traders. They should also provide clear and accurate information about their products and services, such as their features, benefits, risks, costs, and performance.

Trade Market Analysis claims to offer various products and services related to investment and trading, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, indices, futures, options, ETFs, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, etc. However, these products and services are either fake or illegal. Trade Market Analysis does not have any real assets or securities to back up their claims. They also do not disclose any information about their fees, commissions, spreads, leverage, margin requirements, etc.


The location of a market intermediary can affect their legal status, regulatory oversight, tax implications, and accessibility. It can also indicate their level of professionalism and transparency.

Trade Market Analysis claims to be located at Herengracht 450-454 1017 CA Amsterdam The Netherlands. However, this address is false and does not belong to Trade Market Analysis. In fact, this address is used by several other suspicious companies that have been warned by the AFM or other regulators as well. Trade Market Analysis does not have a physical presence or a registered office in The Netherlands or anywhere else.

Customer Service:

Customer service is an essential aspect of any business relationship. A market intermediary should provide prompt, courteous, and helpful customer service to their clients. They should also have multiple channels of communication available for their clients to reach them easily.

Trade Market Analysis does not have any customer service at all. They only contact their clients when they want to sell them more shares or get more money from them. They do not respond to any queries, complaints, or requests from their clients. They also do not have any phone number, email address, live chat, or social media accounts that their clients can use to contact them.


Trade Market Analysis is a boiler room scam that you should avoid at all costs. This company is not regulated or compliant with any laws or rules in The Netherlands or in any other country. It is also not transparent or honest about its products and services, location, or customer service. It has been warned by the AFM and other regulators as a fraudulent and illegal market intermediary. It has also scammed many people out of their hard-earned money by selling them worthless or non-existent shares.

If you have been contacted by Trade Market Analysis or any other similar company, do not respond to their offers or give them any personal or financial information. If you have already invested with them, contact the AFM or your local regulator as soon as possible to report them and seek help. You can also check the AFM website for more information and tips on how to protect yourself from boiler room scams and other types of investment fraud.

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