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Overview:, operating under Torocookie Ltd registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a jurisdiction often associated with dubious financial activities, asserts itself as an online trading platform. However, critical details about the company’s background, ownership, and legal standing are conspicuously absent, raising significant red flags for potential users.

Regulation and Compliance:

Choosing an online broker demands a careful evaluation of its regulatory status to safeguard traders’ rights and interests. Regulatory bodies set standards for transparency, security, and fair practices, ensuring brokers have adequate capital and liquidity to meet obligations.

In the case of, the absence of regulation and its operation from a jurisdiction with lax oversight raises concerns. Two reputable regulators, the CNMV in Spain and ASIC in Australia, have issued warnings. The CNMV, on October 18, 2021, cautioned against, citing its lack of authorization for investment services in Spain. ASIC echoed similar sentiments on November 15, 2021, stating is neither licensed nor authorized for financial services in Australia, noting false claims made by the platform.

Customer Reviews:

Beyond regulatory considerations, user experiences play a crucial role in assessing an online broker’s credibility. Unfortunately, genuine positive reviews for are scarce. Numerous negative reviews detail high-pressure sales tactics, unprofessional customer service, hidden fees, and difficulties with withdrawals. These experiences collectively paint a troubling picture of’s legitimacy and reliability.

Products and Services: claims to offer online trading services across a spectrum of assets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. However, the lack of information about trading conditions, such as leverage, spreads, commissions, and platform features, is a cause for concern. Prospective users are required to register and deposit funds to access the trading platform, a risky proposition given the potential challenges in withdrawing funds and the inability to assess platform functionality beforehand.


Transparency is a cornerstone of trust in the financial industry. However, provides no physical address or contact details on its website, limiting avenues for communication to an online form or email address. The disclosure that Torocookie Ltd is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a jurisdiction known for hosting potentially unscrupulous financial entities, further erodes confidence. Operating from such a jurisdiction implies a lack of regulatory oversight, potentially exposing users to fraudulent or illegal activities.

Customer Service: asserts it offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email, or live chat. However, the absence of a visible phone number or live chat option raises concerns about accessibility. Customer reviews and feedback consistently highlight unprofessional, rude, and unresponsive customer service. Users report difficulties reaching the broker when encountering account or transaction issues, and some claim harassment when attempting to withdraw funds or close accounts.

Is Your Money Safe in an Unregulated Company?

The unequivocal answer is no. Entrusting funds to an unregulated company like entails significant risks. Unregulated brokers operate without obligations to protect traders’ funds and interests, allowing them to manipulate markets, impose exorbitant fees, deny withdrawals, or vanish with funds at their discretion. Additionally, engaging with unregulated brokers can expose traders to legal risks associated with potential involvement in illegal or fraudulent activities.

Conclusion:, lacking regulatory oversight and flagged by regulators in Spain and Australia, raises substantial concerns about its legitimacy. Critical information gaps, negative customer reviews, and regulatory warnings collectively suggest that may be a potential scam. It is strongly advised to steer clear of and opt for regulated, reputable brokers that provide a secure and fair trading environment.

In conclusion, the risks associated with underscore the importance of due diligence when selecting an online broker. Rigorous scrutiny of regulatory status, user reviews, transparency, and customer service is essential to protect oneself from potential scams and fraudulent activities in the online trading space. Users are encouraged to prioritize brokers that adhere to regulatory standards, demonstrate transparency, and have a positive track record of customer satisfaction.