Juanita Lopez

Do you remember hearing about the social media imposter scam when a hacker pretending to be Bill Gates was offering to match people’s charitable donations in bitcoin? Well, it looked convincing to me and I fell for it along with many other people. Broker Complaint Registry sent me to an expert who knew what to do and helped me recover from this scam.

Marla Thompson

My broker was licensed so that means he was okay, right? Wrong? Even a regulated broker can be dodgy. This broker was ignoring my communication and wasn’t releasing my funds. BCR found someone with connections to put pressure on and the broker finally did the right thing!

Ahmed Iqbal

I love cryptocurrency and enjoy the convenience of using bitcoin as well as trading it. I usually perform my due diligence, but I clicked on the link of what seemed to be a reliable bitcoin investment and the scammers stole my bitcoin! BCR referred me to an expert who tracked down these crooks. I would recommend BCR to anyone who has had this happen.

Noa Singer

Trading seemed like the perfect way to make some money after I lost my job due to COVID-19. I made money with a broker I thought was reliable, but they refused to release my funds. It was so upsetting! Broker Complaint Registry gave me guidance on how to seek help out of this situation and the broker finally returned my funds!

Anton Smith

I felt helpless after a forex scam robbed me of thousands of dollars. All I wanted was to save for retirement, and I ended up with a broker who took my money and disappeared. BCR consulted with me and referred me to experts who helped me get 100% of my money back! Thank you BCR!