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Consumer Warning – against using for online shopping, citing its fraudulent and deceptive practices, including selling counterfeit products and lacking essential legal compliance, making it a high-risk platform for potential scams and substandard products. It strongly advises readers to avoid any interaction with to protect themselves from financial and personal risks.

Overview: is a website that may appear to offer tempting deals on various products, but don’t be fooled by its seemingly attractive prices. This online store is anything but trustworthy. It exhibits several concerning indicators of being illegitimate, including recent domain registration, lack of contact information, fictitious company details, too-good-to-be-true discounts, plagiarized content, absence from social media, and an overwhelmingly negative track record among customers.


When it comes to adhering to legal and ethical standards, falls short on all fronts. It lacks essential security certificates, privacy policies, terms and conditions, and refund policies. Additionally, there are no logos or approval seals from recognized organizations or authorities on the site. Moreover, seems to be blatantly violating intellectual property rights by brazenly lifting content and product images from other legitimate online retailers. This raises concerns about potential involvement in more sinister activities, such as phishing, identity theft, or credit card fraud, as customer information may be harvested without consent or knowledge.

Customer Reviews: conspicuously lacks any genuine customer reviews or testimonials on its own website or on reputable third-party platforms. The scant feedback available online primarily stems from customers who have fallen victim to’s deceptive practices and have shared their unfortunate experiences on various forums and blogs. Common grievances include delayed or undelivered orders, subpar customer service, receipt of defective or incorrect products, difficulties obtaining refunds, and unauthorized credit card charges. Notably, has failed to address or resolve any of these complaints.

Products and Services: presents an extensive catalog of products, ranging from patio furniture to kitchenware and more. However, these offerings are far from authentic. They are either cheap knockoffs or inferior imitations of products available through reputable platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, or Aliexpress. has blatantly copied content and product images from these sources without giving proper credit. Consequently, customers who place orders with often end up with nothing or receive products that are vastly different from what they expected.

Location: remains cryptic regarding its base of operations or shipping origin. The site fails to provide any concrete information, such as a physical address, phone number, or live chat support. The sole means of contact available is an email address that proves either invalid or unresponsive. Consequently, customers remain in the dark about’s whereabouts, making it nearly impossible to track their orders, verify their legitimacy, or process returns if necessary.

Customer Service:

In the realm of customer service, is a disappointment. It neglects to respond to customer inquiries, complaints, or requests for refunds or exchanges. Guarantees, warranties, and after-sales support are conspicuously absent. There are no customer loyalty programs, discounts, coupons, or free shipping offers. It’s evident that prioritizes its own financial gain over customer satisfaction and loyalty, displaying a total disregard for the well-being of those it serves.

Conclusion: should be avoided at all costs by online shoppers. It fails to meet even the most basic standards of a legitimate and reliable online store. Instead, it engages in fraudulent activities, aiming to deceive customers by sending counterfeit or subpar products, or simply running off with their money. Numerous reports from customers who have dealt with reveal that they have either not received their orders or have been duped with completely different and often inferior products. Furthermore, attempts to contact for refunds or exchanges have proven futile due to an unresponsive or non-existent email address. Be wary of this scam website and protect yourself from its deceptive practices. Your hard-earned money deserves better.

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