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Caution Investors RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited (Clone) – Regarding an unauthorized entity has fraudulently replicated the name, logo, and registered address of the legitimate company RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited, authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland, with no affiliation to the authorized entity.


If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy investment firm in Ireland, you might have come across RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited. However, before you decide to invest with them, you should be aware that they are not what they seem. In fact, they are a cloned scam that has been impersonating a legitimate Central Bank-authorised firm and defrauding customers with fake products and services. In this blog post, we will review the details of this scam, how to spot it, and what to do if you have been affected by it.

Regulation and Compliance:

The first thing you should know is that RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited is not authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to operate as an investment firm or an investment business firm in the State. This means that they are not subject to the regulatory standards and protections that apply to authorised firms, such as capital adequacy, the conduct of business rules, client asset protection, and compensation schemes.

Moreover, they have been cloning and impersonating a legitimate Central Bank authorised firm, which is also called RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited. This is a fraudulent practice that involves copying the name, logo, address, and other details of an authorised firm to deceive customers into thinking that they are dealing with a genuine entity. The Central Bank of Ireland has issued a warning notice on 11 Sep 2023 about this scam entity and advised consumers to avoid any contact with them.

Customer Reviews:

As you might expect, the customer reviews of this clone scam are overwhelmingly negative. Many customers have reported losing their money or being unable to withdraw their funds after investing with them. Some customers have also complained about being harassed by phone calls and emails from the scam entity, demanding more payments or personal information. Some examples of customer reviews are:

– “I invested €10,000 with RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited after receiving an email from them offering a fixed rate term deposit with a high-interest rate. They sent me a prospectus and a contract that looked very professional and convincing. However, when I tried to withdraw my money after the maturity date, they asked me for more fees and taxes that were not mentioned in the contract. They also stopped answering my calls and emails. I realised too late that I had been scammed.”

– “I received a call from RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited offering me a fixed-rate treasury bond with a guaranteed return. They said they were affiliated with the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Central Bank of Ireland. They sounded very credible and friendly. They asked me for my personal details and bank account information. They also sent me a link to their website, which looked very similar to the official RBS website. I agreed to invest €5,000 with them. However, after I transferred the money, they disappeared. I never received any confirmation or documentation from them. I contacted the Central Bank of Ireland and found out that they were not authorised or regulated by them.”

– “I was contacted by RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited via email offering me a free consultation on their investment products. They said they were a reputable and authorised firm with over 20 years of experience in the market. They also sent me some testimonials from satisfied customers. I was curious and decided to check their website. It looked very professional and had the same logo and address as the real RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited. I filled out a form on their website requesting more information. However, after I submitted the form, I started receiving spam emails from them asking me to invest with them urgently. They also called me several times a day, pressuring me to make a decision. I felt very uncomfortable and suspicious. I did some research online and discovered that they were a clone scam.”

Products and Services:

The products and services offered by this clone scam are fake and do not exist. They claim to offer fixed-rate term deposits and fixed-rate treasury bonds with high interest rates and low risk. However, these are just bait to lure customers into transferring their money to them. Once they receive the money, they either disappear or ask for more fees and taxes that were not disclosed before.

The prospectus and contract that they send to customers are also forged and do not comply with the legal requirements for investment products in Ireland. They use the name, logo, and address of the real RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited to create a false impression of legitimacy and credibility.


The location of this clone scam is unknown and likely offshore. They use various websites, email addresses, and phone numbers to communicate with customers, but none of them are registered or traceable in Ireland or elsewhere.

The websites that they use are:

– www.rbsinternational.ie

– www.rbsdublin.com

– www.rbs-dublin.com

– www.rbsireland.com

The email addresses that they use are:

– @rbsdublin.com

– @rbsdublin-am.com

– @rbsinternational.ie

– @rbsinternationalfr.ie

The phone numbers that they use are:

– +353 1 906 8530

– +353 1 906 8531

– +353 1 906 8532

– +353 1 906 8533

Customer Service:

The customer service of this clone scam is non-existent or very poor. They do not provide any support or assistance to customers who have invested with them or who have questions or complaints about their products and services. They either ignore or block the calls and emails from customers, or they respond with threats, lies, or excuses.

They also do not have any physical presence or office in Ireland or elsewhere. They do not have any registration number, licence number, or tax identification number that can be verified by the authorities or the public.


RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited is a cloned scam that has been impersonating a legitimate Central Bank-authorised firm and defrauding customers with fake products and services. They are not authorised or regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland or any other authority. They are not affiliated or connected with the Royal Bank of Scotland or the real RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited. They are using forged documents and false information to deceive customers into transferring their money to them.

If you have been contacted by this clone scam, you should avoid any interaction with them and report them to the Central Bank of Ireland and the Gardaí. If you have already invested with them, you should contact your bank and try to recover your money as soon as possible. You should also seek legal advice and assistance from a reputable solicitor or financial adviser.

You should also be aware that there are other clone scams operating in Ireland and elsewhere, using different names and details of authorised firms. You should always check the authenticity and credibility of any investment firm or product before investing with them. You can use the Central Bank of Ireland’s registers of authorised firms and warning notices to verify if a firm is authorised or not.

Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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