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Caution Investors PlutusLegacy Trust – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


PlutusLegacy Trust is a company that operates through its website, According to the website, the company offers various financial products and services, such as trading in forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, investing in funds and portfolios, and wealth management solutions. 

Regulation and Compliance:

However, the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has issued a warning about PlutusLegacy Trust. The ASC stated that PlutusLegacy Trust is not registered to trade in or advise on securities or derivatives in Alberta. The ASC also advised investors to exercise caution when dealing with companies that are not registered or are not complying with securities laws.

Customer Reviews:

A quick search on the internet reveals that PlutusLegacy Trust has received many negative reviews and complaints from customers. Some of the common issues reported by customers are:

– Difficulty in withdrawing funds or closing accounts

– High fees and commissions

– Poor customer service and communication

– False or misleading information and promises

– Pressure to deposit more money or upgrade accounts

– Manipulation of trading results or account balances

Products and Services:

PlutusLegacy Trust claims to offer a wide range of financial products and services, such as:

– Trading in forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies

– Investing in funds and portfolios

– Wealth management solutions

However, these products and services are not regulated or supervised by any authority. Therefore, customers have no protection or recourse in case of any dispute or loss. Moreover, these products and services are very risky and complex, and may not be suitable for all investors.

Location of PlutusLegacy Trust:

PlutusLegacy Trust claims to have offices in Canada, the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. However, these claims are not verified or confirmed by any regulator or authority. The ASC warned that PlutusLegacy Trust may be operating from overseas and using fake or virtual addresses. Therefore, customers may not be able to contact or locate the company in case of any problem.

Customer Service:

PlutusLegacy Trust claims to provide 24/7 customer service through phone, email, live chat, and social media. However, many customers have reported that the company’s customer service is very poor and unresponsive. Customers have also complained that the company’s representatives are rude, aggressive, or unprofessional. Some customers have even alleged that the company’s representatives have threatened or harassed them.

Is Your Money Safe in an Unregulated Company?

The answer is no. When you deal with an unregulated company like PlutusLegacy Trust, you are exposing yourself to many risks and dangers. Some of these risks are:

– You may lose all your money if the company goes bankrupt or disappears

– You may not be able to withdraw your money or access your account

– You may not be able to verify the legitimacy or performance of the company

– You may not be able to file a complaint or seek compensation if you are scammed or defrauded

– You may not be able to recover your money if you are a victim of identity theft or cybercrime

Defensive Measures Against Fraudulent Brokers:

If you are considering dealing with PlutusLegacy Trust or any other unregulated company, you should take some defensive measures to protect yourself and your money. Some of these measures are:

– Do your research before investing with any company. Check their registration status, reputation, reviews, complaints, and warnings.

– Do not trust any unsolicited offers or promises that sound too good to be true. Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics or unrealistic returns.

– Do not share your personal or financial information with anyone you do not know or trust. Be careful of phishing emails or calls that ask for your details or passwords.

– Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Be aware of the risks and costs involved in trading or investing.

– Do not hesitate to ask questions or seek advice from a reputable financial professional.


PlutusLegacy Trust is a company that claims to offer various financial products and services. However, the company is not registered or regulated by any authority. The ASC has issued a warning about the company’s registration and compliance status. Moreover, the company has received many negative reviews and complaints from customers. Therefore, we advise you to avoid dealing with PlutusLegacy Trust or any other unregulated company.