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JBYCapital Review: A Boiler Room Scam to Avoid


If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy investment firm, you should steer clear of JBYCapital. This company is a boiler room scam that was exposed by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) on 21 Sep 2023. In this blog post, we will explain what a boiler room is, how JBYCapital operates, and why you should not fall for their offers.

Regulation and Compliance:

A boiler room is a fraudulent scheme that uses high-pressure sales tactics to persuade unsuspecting investors to buy worthless or non-existent shares. Boiler rooms often target people who have little or no experience in investing and promise them high returns with low risks. However, once the investors buy the shares, they find out that they are either impossible to sell or worth much less than they paid for them.

JBYCapital is one of the boiler rooms that has been operating in the Netherlands and other countries. According to the AFM, JBYCapital has approached people without being asked, to offer them investment proposals. The AFM has also established that JBYCapital does not have an AFM license or a European Passport, which means that it is not authorized to provide investment services in the Netherlands or in the European Union.

Customer Reviews:

As expected, JBYCapital has received many negative reviews from customers who have been scammed by them. Here are some examples of what customers have said about JBYCapital:

– “I was contacted by JBYCapital and they convinced me to invest 10,000 euros in some shares. They said they would send me a contract and a confirmation email, but I never received anything. When I tried to contact them again, they stopped answering my calls and emails. I realized I had been scammed and reported them to the AFM.”

– “JBYCapital is a scam. They called me several times and pressured me to buy some shares of a company that was supposed to go public soon. They said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that I would make a lot of money. I agreed to invest 5,000 euros, but after I transferred the money, they disappeared. I never received any documents or statements from them. I contacted my bank and the AFM, but they said there was nothing they could do.”

– “Do not trust JBYCapital. They are liars and thieves. They offered me some shares of a company that was supposed to be very profitable and secure. They said they had a team of experts who would monitor the market and advise me on when to buy and sell. They also said they had a license from the AFM and that they were regulated by the European Union. I believed them and invested 15,000 euros with them. However, after a few weeks, I noticed that the value of my shares was dropping rapidly. I tried to contact JBYCapital to ask them what was going on, but they never replied. I checked their website and found out that it was fake. They had used a fake address, phone number, and email address. They had also used a fake AFM license number and a fake European Passport number. I realized I had been duped and lost all my money.”

Products and Services:

JBYCapital claims to offer various products and services related to investing and trading, such as:

– Stocks

– Forex

– Commodities

– Indices

– Cryptocurrencies

– CFDs

– ETFs

– Bonds

– Options

– Futures

However, these products and services are either non-existent or of very low quality. JBYCapital does not have access to any legitimate markets or platforms and does not provide any real information or analysis on the assets they offer. They also do not have any risk management tools or customer protection measures in place.


JBYCapital claims to be located at:

– Address: Herengracht 450, 1017 CA Amsterdam, The Netherlands

– Phone: +31 20 808 0229

– Email: [email protected]

– Website: https://www.jbycapital.com/

However, these details are all fake. The address does not exist, the phone number is disconnected, the email address is invalid, and the website is unsecure and unprofessional.

Customer Service:

JBYCapital does not have any customer service at all. They only contact customers when they want to persuade them to invest more money with them. They do not respond to any queries or complaints from customers who have already invested with them. They also do not provide any support or guidance on how to use their platform or how to manage their investments.


JBYCapital is a boiler room scam that you should avoid at all costs. They are not regulated or licensed by any authority, and they do not offer any real products or services. They only want to take your money and disappear. If you have been contacted by JBYCapital or any similar company, do not respond to their offers and report them to the AFM or your local regulator. You can also check the AFM’s website for more information and warnings about boiler rooms and other scams: https://www.afm.nl/nl-nl/consumenten/waarschuwingen/bekijk-de-waarschuwingen/boilerroom/jbycapital

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