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IDMining Review: A Scam or a Legit Mining Platform?


IDMining is a platform that claims to offer cloud mining services for various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. The company claims to have a team of experts who manage the mining operations and ensure high returns for the investors. However, there are many red flags that suggest that IDMining is not a trustworthy or reliable platform. In this review, we will examine the evidence and expose the truth behind IDMining.

Regulation and Compliance:

One of the most important aspects of any online investment platform is its regulation and compliance status. A regulated platform has to follow certain rules and standards that protect the interests and rights of the investors. A compliant platform has to adhere to the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where it operates. However, IDMining does not provide any information about its regulation or compliance status on its website. There is no mention of any license, registration, or authorization from any reputable authority or regulator. This means that IDMining is operating illegally and without any oversight or accountability. If you invest with IDMining, you are putting your money at risk of being stolen or lost.

Customer Reviews:

Another way to assess the credibility and reputation of an online platform is to look at the customer reviews and feedback. A legitimate platform should have positive reviews from satisfied customers who can attest to its performance and service quality. However, IDMining does not have any customer reviews on its website or on any third-party review site. This is a clear indication that IDMining does not have any real customers or that it is hiding negative reviews from potential investors. Either way, this is a sign of a scam or a fraudulent platform that does not deliver on its promises.

Products and Services:

IDMining claims to offer cloud mining services for various cryptocurrencies. Cloud mining is a process where investors can rent computing power from a remote data center and use it to mine cryptocurrencies without having to own or maintain any hardware or software. IDMining claims to have multiple data centers around the world that are equipped with advanced mining equipment and technology. The company claims to offer different plans and packages that suit different budgets and preferences. However, IDMining does not provide any proof or evidence of its mining operations or its data centers. There are no photos, videos, or testimonials from its mining team or its customers. There are no statistics, reports, or audits of its mining performance or its payouts. There are no details about the mining fees, commissions, or withdrawal policies. All these are red flags that suggest that IDMining does not have any real mining operations or that it is using fake or outdated data to lure investors.


IDMining does not disclose its physical location or its contact details on its website. There is no address, phone number, email, or live chat support available for the investors. The only way to communicate with the company is through a contact form on its website. This is very suspicious and unprofessional for an online platform that claims to handle millions of dollars in investments. A legitimate platform should have transparent and accessible customer service that can answer questions and resolve issues promptly and efficiently. The lack of location and contact details also makes it difficult to verify the identity and legitimacy of IDMining.

Customer Service:

As mentioned above, IDMining does not have any customer service available for the investors. The only way to reach out to the company is through a contact form on its website. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive a response or that your query will be handled properly. Many scam platforms use contact forms as a way to collect personal and financial information from unsuspecting investors and then use them for identity theft or fraud. Moreover, if you encounter any problem or issue with your investment or your account, you will have no recourse or support from IDMining.

Is Your Money Safe in an Unregulated Company?

The answer is no. Investing with an unregulated company like IDMining is very risky and dangerous. You have no protection or guarantee that your money will be safe or that you will receive any returns on your investment. You have no legal rights or recourse if you are scammed or defrauded by IDMining. You have no way to verify the authenticity or reliability of IDMining’s claims or operations. You have no way to contact or communicate with IDMining in case of any problem or dispute.

What Happens if You Are Scammed?

If you are scammed by IDMining, you will most likely lose all your money and never see it again. You will also expose yourself to further risks of identity theft, fraud, harassment, or blackmail from IDMining or its affiliates. You will have no way to recover your money or to report the scam to any authority or regulator.


IDMining is a scam platform that should be avoided at all costs. It has no regulation, no customer reviews, no products and services, no location, and no customer service. It has many red flags that indicate that it is not a legitimate or trustworthy platform. It is most likely a Ponzi scheme or a phishing site that is designed to steal your money and your personal information. Do not invest with IDMining or any similar platform that offers too-good-to-be-true returns with no proof or evidence. Do your research and due diligence before investing with any online platform. Stay safe and smart online.