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Goldman Knox was founded in 2015 and claimed to be a leading provider of online trading, investment, and wealth management solutions. The company claimed to have offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK, and to be regulated by ASIC and other authorities. However, in 2019, ASIC announced that it had canceled the Australian financial services (AFS) licence of Goldman Knox for failing to lodge annual financial statements and auditor’s reports for four consecutive years. The cancellation meant that Goldman Knox could no longer legally provide financial services in Australia or to Australian clients. ASIC also warned investors to be wary of dealing with unlicensed entities that may be involved in scams or frauds.

Regulation and Compliance:

As mentioned above, Goldman Knox lost its AFS licence in 2019 and became an unregulated entity. This means that the company is not subject to any oversight or supervision by any authority, and does not have to comply with any rules or standards regarding its operations, products, services, or customer protection. Unregulated entities are often associated with high risks of scams, frauds, money laundering, identity theft, and other illegal or unethical activities. Investors who deal with unregulated entities may not have any recourse or compensation if they suffer losses or damages due to the company’s misconduct or insolvency.

Customer Reviews:

A quick search on the internet reveals that Goldman Knox has received many negative reviews and complaints from customers who claim to have been scammed or cheated by the company. Some of the common issues reported by customers include:

– Difficulty in withdrawing funds or closing accounts

– High fees and commissions charged without disclosure

– False or misleading information provided about the products or services

– Aggressive or abusive sales tactics and pressure to invest more money

– Poor or non-existent customer service and support

– Unauthorized transactions or changes made to the accounts

– Loss of contact or communication with the company

Products and Services:

Goldman Knox claimed to offer a range of financial products and services, such as:

– Online trading platforms for forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies

– Investment portfolios and managed accounts

– Wealth management and financial planning

– Education and training programs

– Market analysis and research

However, there is no evidence that the company actually provided any of these products or services in a legitimate or reliable manner. In fact, many customers reported that the company’s platforms were faulty or manipulated, that the investment portfolios were poorly managed or fraudulent, that the education and training programs were useless or outdated, and that the market analysis and research were biased or inaccurate.


Goldman Knox claimed to have offices in several countries, but there is no proof that these offices actually existed or operated. The company’s website did not provide any physical address or contact details for any of its offices, only an email address and a phone number. The phone number was often unreachable or disconnected, and the email address was often unresponsive or ignored. Many customers reported that they could not locate or visit any of the company’s offices and that they were given different or conflicting information about the company’s location by different representatives.

Customer Service:

Goldman Knox’s customer service was reportedly very poor or non-existent. Many customers complained that they could not reach anyone from the company by phone or email, or that they were put on hold for long periods of time or transferred to different departments without resolution. Some customers also reported that they were treated rudely or disrespectfully by the company’s staff, who often lied, threatened, harassed, or insulted them. Many customers also said that they were promised callbacks or follow-ups by the company’s managers or supervisors, but never received them.

Is Your Money Safe in an unregulated company?

The short answer is no. Dealing with an unregulated company like Goldman Knox exposes you to many risks and dangers that could result in losing your money or worse. Some of these risks include:


– No protection from scams or frauds: Unregulated entities may not have any systems or procedures in place to prevent or detect scams or frauds involving their products or services. They may also be involved in scams or frauds themselves, such as Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, boiler rooms, phishing, etc.

– No protection from insolvency: Unregulated entities may not have any capital requirements or solvency ratios to ensure that they have enough funds to meet their obligations to their customers. They may also not have any insurance coverage or compensation schemes to reimburse their customers in case they go bankrupt or default on their payments.

– No protection from misconduct: Unregulated entities may not have any codes of conduct or ethics to guide their behavior towards their customers. They may also not have any dispute resolution or complaint handling mechanisms to address any issues or problems that their customers may have with their products or services.

– No protection from regulatory action: Unregulated entities may not have any licenses or registrations to operate in certain jurisdictions or markets. They may also not have any reporting or disclosure obligations to any authorities or regulators. This means that they may be operating illegally or in violation of the laws and regulations of the countries where they operate or where their customers are located. This could result in legal actions, fines, penalties, sanctions, or bans against them or their customers.


Goldman Knox is a company that you should avoid at all costs. The company has been struck off by ASIC for non-compliance and has no license or regulation to provide financial services. The company has also received many negative reviews and complaints from customers who claim to have been scammed or cheated by the company. The company’s products and services are dubious and unreliable, and its location and customer service are unknown and untrustworthy. The company poses many risks and dangers to your money and your personal information, and you may not have any recourse or compensation if you deal with them. Therefore, we strongly advise you to stay away from Goldman Knox and to look for other reputable and regulated financial service providers instead.