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In the vast world of forex trading, choosing a reliable broker is paramount to success. Unfortunately, FirstCapital1, despite its claims of a diverse range of assets and services, raises several red flags that warrant investor caution. In this review, we delve into critical aspects such as regulation, customer reviews, offered products and services, location transparency, and the quality of customer service.

Regulation and Compliance:

One of the fundamental considerations when selecting a forex broker is regulation. FirstCapital1, however, falls short in this crucial area. The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has issued a warning, flagging the broker as an unregistered entity potentially involved in illicit activities. The lack of regulation exposes investors to elevated risks of fraud and financial loss. Regulated brokers adhere to stringent standards, ensuring the safeguarding of client funds, data, and rights. Unfortunately, FirstCapital1 does not meet these essential criteria.


Another cause for concern is the ambiguity surrounding FirstCapital1’s location and contact details. The absence of a physical address and phone number on its website raises questions about the broker’s legitimacy and credibility. Communication is limited to an online form or email, providing inadequate and unreliable means of contact. Moreover, the broker fails to specify the jurisdiction or governing law, leaving clients without legal recourse or protection in case of disputes. The recent registration of the broker’s domain in July 2023 further adds to its lack of industry reputation and track record.

Customer Reviews:

A telling indicator of a broker’s reliability is customer feedback. Unfortunately for FirstCapital1, customer reviews are predominantly negative. Sitejabber reports a low rating of 2.65 stars out of 5, with clients voicing concerns about poor customer service, withdrawal difficulties, false promises, unauthorized charges, account manipulation, and alleged fraud. Positive reviews, when present, appear suspiciously generic and lack specific details or evidence supporting their authenticity.

Products and Services:

FirstCapital1 boasts an array of trading services, including access to various assets, multiple trading platforms, diverse account types, and educational resources. However, the lack of regulatory backing raises doubts about the reliability of these offerings. The absence of documentation regarding trading conditions, security measures, and liquidity providers further erodes trust. The trading platforms and educational resources provided seem questionable, potentially manipulated to influence market prices. The purported 24/7 professional support team is criticized for its ineffectiveness and unresponsiveness to client queries and complaints.

Customer Service:

Customer service is a cornerstone of a reputable forex broker. Unfortunately, FirstCapital1 falls short in this aspect as well. The absence of a phone number or physical address impedes direct communication, forcing clients to rely on an online form or email, which often goes unanswered. Reports of long waiting times, unprofessionalism, lack of expertise, and an unwillingness to resolve issues are indicative of the broker’s poor customer service. Some clients even claim to have experienced harassment or threats from FirstCapital1’s support team.


In conclusion, FirstCapital1 emerges as an untrustworthy and unreliable forex broker. The lack of regulation, warnings from authoritative bodies, opaque location details, negative customer reviews, and questionable services collectively point towards potential risks for investors. Considering the multitude of reputable and regulated alternatives in the market, it is advisable to steer clear of FirstCapital1. To ensure a secure and high-quality trading experience, explore alternatives from our list of recommended forex brokers. Your financial well-being deserves a broker with a proven track record and a commitment to regulatory compliance.