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Coinutpool is a website that claims to be a mining pool for Tether (USDT), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. According to the website, Coinutpool offers a daily profit of 1.5% to 3% depending on the amount of USDT invested. The minimum deposit is $100 and the minimum withdrawal is $50. The website also claims to have over 10,000 active users and over $50 million in total deposits.

However, there are many reasons to doubt these claims and to suspect that Coinutpool is a scam. Here are some of the main issues we found with this platform:

Regulation and Compliance:

Coinutpool does not provide any information about its legal status, registration, or license. There is no mention of where the company is based, who owns it, or who operates it. This means that Coinutpool is not regulated by any authority and does not comply with any laws or regulations. This also means that investors have no legal protection or recourse in case of any issues or disputes.

Customer Reviews:

Coinutpool does not have any genuine customer reviews or testimonials on its website or any third-party platforms. The only reviews we found were negative and warned other users about the scam. Some of the complaints we found included:

– Coinutpool does not process withdrawals and blocks users who request them.

– Coinutpool does not respond to customer inquiries or complaints.

– Coinutpool changes its terms and conditions without notice and imposes hidden fees and charges.

– Coinutpool uses fake statistics and testimonials to lure unsuspecting investors.

Products and Services:

Coinutpool does not offer any real products or services. The website does not explain how the mining pool works, what kind of equipment or software it uses, or what kind of rewards it distributes. The website also does not provide any proof of mining activity, such as hash rate, block rewards, or transaction history. The only thing Coinutpool offers is a referral program that promises to pay a 10% commission for every new user who joins the platform.


Coinutpool does not disclose its physical location or contact details. The website does not have an address, phone number, email, or social media account. The only way to contact Coinutpool is through a web form that requires personal information such as name, email, phone number, and message. However, there is no guarantee that Coinutpool will reply or honor any requests.

Customer Service:

Coinutpool does not have reliable or professional customer service. As mentioned above, the only way to contact Coinutpool is through a web form that may or may not work. Many users have reported that Coinutpool does not answer their questions or concerns, or that it provides vague or misleading answers. Some users have also reported that Coinutpool deletes negative comments or feedback from its website or social media accounts.

Is Your Money Safe in an Unregulated Company?

The answer is no. Investing in an unregulated company like Coinutpool is extremely risky and dangerous. You have no assurance that your money is safe, secure, or insured. You have no guarantee that you will receive the promised returns or that you will be able to withdraw your funds. You have no recourse if you encounter any problems or issues with the platform.

Defensive Measures Against Fraudulent Brokers:

If you want to avoid falling victim to fraudulent brokers like Coinutpool, here are some defensive measures you can take:

– Do your research before investing in any platform. Check the reputation, reviews, ratings, and feedback of the platform from other users and experts.

– Verify the legal status, registration, and license of the platform. Make sure the platform is regulated by a reputable authority and complies with the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction.

– Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up or depositing any money. Look for any hidden fees, charges, clauses, or limitations that may affect your rights or interests.

– Test the platform’s features and functions before investing large amounts of money. Try out the withdrawal process, customer service, security measures, and other aspects of the platform.

– Use secure payment methods that offer protection and chargeback options in case of fraud or dispute.


Coinutpool is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. It is an unregulated platform that does not provide any information, transparency, or proof of its legitimacy. It does not offer any real products or services, but only a referral program that pays commissions for recruiting new victims. It does not process withdrawals, respond to customer inquiries