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Caution Investors Carnelian12 – is a deceptive crypto Ponzi scheme posing as an NFT trading platform, lacking legitimacy in products, services, regulation, customer reviews, location, and customer service, posing substantial financial and legal risks to potential investors.

Carnelian12: Unveiling the Deceptive Crypto Ponzi Scheme

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, where innovation and risk often go hand in hand, investors need to exercise caution and thorough research before diving into any venture. One such entity that has raised eyebrows in the crypto community is Carnelian12, a company claiming to be an NFT trading platform. However, a closer look reveals a facade hiding a crypto Ponzi scheme, fraught with risks and lacking credibility.


Carnelian12 presents itself as a platform for trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unique digital assets gaining popularity in various industries. NFTs represent art, music, games, and more, making them an intriguing investment avenue. However, the dark underbelly of Carnelian12’s operations exposes it as a Ponzi scheme, where new investors’ funds are used to pay returns to earlier investors. Shockingly, there’s no evidence of any legitimate NFT trading activity.

Regulation and Compliance:

One of the most glaring red flags with Carnelian12 is its lack of registration or licensing with any financial regulator globally. Operating without legal oversight, the company places its investors in significant legal and financial jeopardy. Furthermore, Carnelian12 neglects essential anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, raising suspicions of involvement in money laundering or facilitating illicit financial activities.

Customer Reviews:

A quick search for Carnelian12 reviews reveals a slew of negative feedback from disgruntled customers. Complaints range from delayed or denied withdrawals to poor customer service, false promises, and a general lack of transparency. Some unfortunate investors claim to have lost their entire investments without any recourse. The consistent narrative of Carnelian12 being a scam and fraudulent further adds to its dubious reputation.

Products and Services:

Carnelian12 boasts three main offerings: NFT trading, NFT mining, and NFT staking. However, none of these services come with any verifiable proof or evidence. The company remains tight-lipped about the specific NFTs it deals with and fails to provide audited reports on its financial performance. The lack of transparency regarding profit generation and distribution raises significant doubts about the legitimacy of its operations.


Adding to the mystery surrounding Carnelian12 is its absence of a physical address or location. The company’s contact information is limited to an email address and a Telegram channel. The registration of its website domain in July 2021 using a privacy protection service only serves to conceal the identity and location of the owner. Furthermore, there is no mention of the founders or team members on the website, leaving investors in the dark about who is behind this dubious operation.

Customer Service:

Carnelian12’s customer service record is abysmal. The company’s contact channels, including email and Telegram, are frequently unresponsive or unavailable. Customers have reported encountering rude, unprofessional, and unhelpful representatives. The absence of a FAQ section or support center on the website exacerbates the communication issues. Reports of customers being ignored, blocked, or even threatened when seeking assistance or information paint a bleak picture of Carnelian12’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, Carnelian12 emerges as a wolf in sheep’s clothing—a crypto Ponzi scheme disguised as an NFT trading platform. With no legitimate products or services, regulatory compliance, positive customer reviews, a physical location, or reliable customer service, the company stands on shaky ground. Investors are strongly urged to steer clear of Carnelian12 and report any suspicious activity to relevant authorities. The imminent collapse of such schemes leaves investors vulnerable, underscoring the importance of due diligence in the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency investments.