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Is Wobit a Scam Broker? 

Wobit says it is based in Amsterdam and was founded in 2021. However, we could not find any indication that this broker has a license from European authorities. It is best to avoid very new brokers because they are relatively unknown. Many forex scams and crypto scams tend to pop up for a few months to a year only to disappear quickly. Obviously, not all new brokers are unreliable, but with brokers, trust has to be earned. 

Is Wobit a Scam or Legit Broker?

It also should be noted that Wobit focuses on high-risk assets, such as cryptocurrency, forex, and CFDs. This can be a red flag. A reliable broker should offer a range of trading services with varying levels of risk. Those who push high-risk assets often do so to cover the money they are taking by making the believable claim that the client lost the money in a risky trade. 


Here are some problems we have discovered from our research on Wobit and reviews:  

  • Not regulated
  • Bad reviews
  • No visibility who is behind it
  • Pushes high-risk assets


Our experts do not recommend Wobit  We encourage visitors to do research, read our broker reviews, and select regulated brokers. If you have been scammed by Wobit or any other broker, contact Broker Complaint Registry right away and we can advise you on fund recovery.