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Unicornfx is a forex trading platform that claims to offer high returns on investment with minimal risk. The company promises to provide access to the best trading signals, strategies, and tools in the market, as well as a dedicated support team and a user-friendly interface. But is Unicornfx legit or scam?

In this blog post, we will examine some of the red flags that suggest that Unicornfx is not a trustworthy platform, and why you should avoid investing your money with them.

  • Lack of regulation: Unicornfx does not have any license or authorization from any reputable financial regulator, such as the FCA, ASIC, or CySEC. This means that the company is operating illegally and does not comply with any rules or standards that protect investors from fraud or misconduct. If you deposit your money with Unicornfx, you have no guarantee that you will be able to withdraw it or get any compensation in case of any issues.
  • Unrealistic claims: Unicornfx advertises itself as a platform that can generate up to 300% profit per month with no risk involved. This is simply too good to be true, and contradicts the basic principles of forex trading, which is a highly volatile and risky activity. No legitimate platform can guarantee such high returns without exposing you to significant losses.
  • Fake testimonials: Unicornfx features several testimonials from supposed clients who praise the platform for its amazing performance and customer service. However, these testimonials are not verified or credible, and most likely fabricated by the company itself. A quick reverse image search reveals that the photos used for the testimonials are taken from stock websites or other sources, and do not belong to real people.
  • Hidden fees: Unicornfx charges a hefty commission of 20% on every trade you make, which is much higher than the industry average. Moreover, the company does not disclose any information about its withdrawal policy, minimum deposit requirement, or other fees that may apply. This means that you may face unexpected charges or difficulties when you try to access your funds.
  • Poor reputation: Unicornfx has received numerous complaints and negative reviews from online users who have been scammed by the platform. Many of them report that they were unable to withdraw their money, that their accounts were blocked or deleted without explanation, or that they were pressured to deposit more money by aggressive sales agents. There are also reports of Unicornfx using fake or stolen identities to lure unsuspecting investors.

Based on these facts, we can conclude that Unicornfx is a scam and not a legit platform. We advise you to stay away from this company and look for more reliable and regulated alternatives if you want to trade forex safely and profitably.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Money with Unicornfx?

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