What is the danger of offshore brokers?

Because they are offshore, they are not regulated by any real regulator with any power. Therefore, they can do as they wish. When they have your money, they have a great interest in keeping it and making up rules which suit their wishes. Offshore binary option, forex or CFD companies are running wild, without any authority to control their criminal behavior.

How do these offshore brokers even exist?

Anyone can open an offshore company. Anyone can license the trading platform technology. Anyone can create a phone system with local number per country. It’s all available to someone who has the means to purchase these items.

How do these offshore companies process credit cards?

If you notice, many of these offshore companies register a small company in the E.U. in order to process their payments. Or, they utilize other companies to process their transactions for them.

How do banks allow for the activities of the offshore binary option scams?

Either they don’t know – or they are turning a blind eye to their activies. Since when have Banks been protective to their own customers, let alone those who aren’t their customers.