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Do You Want to Know If TrustInvesting is a Legitimate or a Scam Broker? 

TrustInvesting is a broker that won’t give up. However, in the case of a suspected crypto scam, that isn’t a good thing. TrustInvesting may seem persistent or shameless depending on the point of view. The Spanish regulator CNMV is certainly not impressed with TruthInvesting’s antics. It is widely known that TruthInvesting is probably a crypto scam, Ponzi scheme, and MLM. Its coin, the Trustercoin is probably worthless. 

There Are Some Problems with TrustInvesting

Like many broker scams, TruthInvesting promises clients returns. This simply isn’t possible in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Actually, no broker should guarantee returns. TrustInvesting lures people into trading by promising they will make a ton of money. When TrustInvesting couldn’t grant withdrawals, they claimed they were hacked to the tune of $840 million. 

This is a common excuse used by crypto scams when they are confronted about not allowing clients access to their funds. Hacking happens, but there is no evidence that TrustInvesting was hacked at all. Instead, TrustIInvesting crowed about a comeback and falsely promised clients triple-digit returns. Stay away from TrustInvesting. 

Red Flags that TrustInvesting Could Be a Scam Broker

  • Flagged by CNMV
  • Suspected Ponzi and crypto scam
  • No license 
  • No transparency
  • False claims
  • Bad reviews

If You Need Fund Recovery from TrustInvesting, Talk to Us

We create these reviews to warn consumers about brokers and schemes that may be fraudulent. If you have an account with TrustInvesting, close it and request a withdrawal. If you are not given your money back, contact the Broker Complaint Registry right away. We will consult with you, work to track down your funds and create investigative reports, and will assist with fund recovery efforts.