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Wendie asked 6 years ago

I’ve paid a deposit by credit card but have decided I do not want to trade.
The broker is insisting I complete a number of verification documents before they will refund my deposit.   
Should I complete these documents – including Proof of ID, Proof of Address, copy of front of credit card covered except the first 6 and last 4 digits – and signed back of card but with cvc covered 

Janice Rouse replied 6 years ago

This is normally done before you get to trade. They get your money first then ask for compliance verification. seems to me this should be done before they accept your money, but I suppose this is the first clue to being scammed. Having then to use professionals to recover your funds. I am in the same boat and about to email someone that can help me get my money back…[email protected]

Sarah replied 6 years ago

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