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Tony asked 2 weeks ago

Hello, can someone verify this Trading website. The website is  Trading Forex, CFD\’s, etc.  I bought there basic investment plan to try out to to see if it was legit. The same day my Trading account was verified. the next day i was getting emails about profit on my account. I got these daily for a week. After a week i was notified that my Trading has ended and that i needed to pay 20% commission as well as VAT fee.  I knew about the commission before i got started.  But didn\’t know i needed to pay upfront to get my profit. Doesn\’t make sense to me. Shouldn\’t they just deduct it from the balance when you withdraw?  Isn\’t that what legit brokers do?   Anyway, They said i could sue them if i didn\’t get my withdraw.  I\’ve been back and forth with them for two days.