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Deborah asked 4 weeks ago

Hi I would like to know more about the trading company kontofx as I have read a lot of bad reveiws?

wilson replied 4 weeks ago

This company took all the money I deposited.They denied me access to my account and stopped responding to my mails and calls. I had to use a recovery expert http://www.cyberinvestigators.tech services to get my money back from them . Stay away binary options, most of them are scam. If you are a victim of scam contact the recovery agent on
Email: “support@cyberinvestigators.tech”
Website: “cyberinvestigators.tech”
Phone no: “+19163450077”.

peter replied 3 weeks ago

Cryptocurrency scams is also something people should pay attention to. They are using the bitcoin to scam numerous people. I got scammed by some crook but with the help of a recovery agency, they hacked the account and I was helped to recover my lost coins. I am totally against unethical means of any sort, but the company assured me this was my only option, and to my surprise, I was reimbursed. Any one with loss issues and need help should contact Mycapitalrecovery (AT) gmail, com. They will be able to help and assist people who need real help to recover their funds to binary options brokers.

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Sasha answered 3 weeks ago

I am open to share my experience and to also enlighten everyone on how i was able to recover my money from a scam binary options broker
                                                                                                       – rsasha921@gmail.com

Patrick answered 3 weeks ago

Pretty much all the recovery experts in this forum are scams. If you truly wish to get your money back I can guide you on how to do just that. I got scammed by BrighterTrade and I got my money back. I can show you how. Reach out to me on pmcq5354@gmail.com

Mark answered 3 weeks ago

I recently recovered funds from two scam brokers, Binary Tilt and OT Capital. they would not allow me withdraw my money and refused to pick any of my calls. I was able to recover my funds with the help of a professional I found on the deep web. Lesson learnt! Happy to share my experience. Reach me on gmark7019@gmail.com

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