Is Capital Chargeback a legit recovery service?

Forum-QuestionsIs Capital Chargeback a legit recovery service?
Gary asked 6 years ago

lost over 7k quid to binary tilt, everything was done via credit card. afraid to raise a dispute don’t want to get rejected by the bank. saw a fund recovery service called capital chargeback. are they legit? please help!!!

Michael replied 6 years ago

Capital Chargeback is a fake recovery service. The site is run by BinaryMate a fraudulent binary options broker. Broker Complaint Registry can put you in contact with legitimate, regulated recovery services. Please click the link here:

Mr Duncan Sinclair replied 5 years ago

are these scam traders not aware of funds being hacked to be recovered & do they not put more security in place ?

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Tommy answered 5 years ago

Capitalchargeback is recovery scam and i just loose 5000 Euro to them. Dont trust those people. And now they closing the web site