Is AvaTrade a scam?

Forum-QuestionsIs AvaTrade a scam?
Samantha asked 4 years ago

seeing a lot of adverts for avatrade. i know they are regulated but i’ve seen a lot of complaints about them.

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Banver answered 4 years ago

Ava Trade is definitely a scam broker for sure. It’s very convincing that they get a lot of positive reviews on the advertisements and they look legitimate. But I’m telling you right now, they are definitely scam broker because of my experience with them. When I tried to withdraw my total account balance, they successfully withdrew it into my credit card and it was credited. Several months later, my filthy scamming account manager, reversed the charge and took back the money I withdrew (less than $1000).
On top of this, their customer support phone numbers are automatically programmed to hang up on you. I’ve called them a few times. Your account manager does not call you on his own phone number, he calls you based on an Ava Trade number for your location. For example, if you were based in UK, the number that would show up when he calls you would be + (44) (0) 8005200423. 
They are regulated in a number of offshore locations. Their EU regulation is with the bank of Ireland and is solely used to process credit card/debit card purchases with your stolen information. This means that their scamming, information, and money stealing business will never be shutdown because it’s not regulated in safe locations like the states.
They sound friendly and unlike a scammer on the phone. Everything about them is convincing, including their website which is secure etc. They will fool the most cautious customer. They are scam. The advertisements rate them highly, but their true rating is about 1.7 stars out of 5. 
A numerous amount of people have had issues with Ava Trade, especially with deposit and withdrawals, and their verification process. They will claim you are not verified after you submit the right documents, to do whatever they want with your money.
I did not deposit a lot of money with them (<$1000) and I want to make sure other people will not fall for these thieves robbing people in broad day light. If you have any money whatsoever, run away from Ava Trade and do NOT park it there. They are a SCAM broker.

vahid answered 3 years ago

i warn they are scam my account number is 6480130 in ava trade broker .

I had buy currency pair EUR TRY 3 lot and my target was 5.5800 .at 2018/07/09 market reached my target ,but they server has been disconnected.They stopped the server for ten minutes. For these ten minutes, the market has reached 40 pips higher than the designated
Target. my positions Has not reached the target for this.The market was at an hour 21:13 to the point I determined to broker time. But they
server was down .The definitive server must be announced by the broker beforehand.This is a violation of the rules.
I officially objected to them, and they did not agree.

Under international law, can Brooker at any time stop the server. And the price is reached At the definitive server time Does not count ??
I Withdraw my money It took exactly 3 weeks to move to Turkey via the Swift transfer
They have a very bad support. They do not respond to emails.
my order numbers : 234576940. 234551788. 234452471