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Carl Waudby asked 6 years ago

Has anyone ever recovered their money from this broker?

Michael replied 6 years ago

Unfortunately, we have yet to see GreenFields Capital return money to their clients on their own free will. However, we have referred numerous people to various service providers who have helped recover money from GreenFields Capital and other online trading scams. If you were the victim of a GreenFields Capital scam please fill out this form: https://brokercomplaintregistry.com/greenfields-capital/file-complaint/

Robert Martin replied 6 years ago

Hi Ryan…..I am a recent victim of Greenfields to the tune of over $35kAU. I am trying through my bank to get a charge-back on my credit cards payments but this is taking heaps of time and I am worried about timing. Do you know if there is a time limit with the people you had success with?

Bridget Kitley replied 6 years ago

Incidentally, someone has commented above on HACK-NET. Avoid like the plague. Scammer through and through. Complete liar

L replied 6 years ago

Oxpahat.org stole money.

L replied 6 years ago

They ask big money in bitcoins for activating in advance for recovery after steals it be carefull.Its total scam.you will not get your money back.

Sugarbabe replied 5 years ago

Fundchargeback are scammers!

Rose Snow replied 5 years ago

So many of these recovery experts seem to be scammers too!

1 Answers
Been scammed answered 6 years ago

Avoid Markets-Trading. Utter scammers