Has anyone been scammed by ArcTradingsfx.com?

Forum-QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHas anyone been scammed by ArcTradingsfx.com?
Mark Holland asked 2 years ago

I signed up with ArcTradingsfx.com and they show huge returns of 20%+ per day.  Most of their plans have a 21 day expiration period meaning I cannot withdraw money until a period ends.  The problem I have is that they just told me I’ll have to pay 20% commission on any withdrawal amount.  However, this fee must be paid out of my funds before they’ll send me my withdrawal amount.   They are in the UK and claim that their regulations will not allow them to deduct the fee from my account when processing the withdrawal.   This seems a bit fishy to me as no other investment firms have ever done this to me.   Is this company a scam? I haven’t been able to find anything negative online about them.