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Patrick Williams asked 3 years ago

Has anyone been successful in getting a withdrawal of deposit from FTO Capital as I am still waiting.

Michael replied 3 years ago

Unfortunately, we have yet to hear that the FTO Capital has allowed clients to withdraw their money. They are not a regulated online trading broker. They are located offshore in the Marshall Islands and are owned by Nona Marketing LTD. If you or anyone else was the victim of an FTO Capital scam please fill out the following complaint form:

Frankie replied 3 years ago

Hi yes I was successful withdrew 5000 US after depositing 15 K and getting 5 K bonus. Worked in 3 days back into bank account. However all has gone downhill from there with dropping currency trades and threats to close the account and lose all if it gets below 30% equity. I have a profit of around 40 K but as there are a lot of trades that have gone down against the US$ the swap values are getting large. Not looking pretty and they are chasing me for another 20k US to keep account open. Looking for advice and have submitted a complaint form on this site. Total scam company stay away. I am risking around 50 as I type this

Kari Rastas replied 2 years ago

Yes FTO are definatly a scam company they make you deposit money and then squander it on loosing trades charging high swap fees and comitions, this is why I will give up this internet of rubbish, the advantages of this internet crap is far outweighed by the stupidy of human greed and scammers , they whole system is geared to harm you in ways you would never imagine or even understand, carrying mobile microwave radiation devices that put you inn the path of money whores and pan handler grifters is not worth the crap it returns to your doorstep.

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Kari Rastas answered 2 years ago

I personally believe that an international internet law enforcement agency needs to be implemented. This could be done with very low cost to all users world wide. There should be cyber law officers payed by companies like Google,, apple SAMSUNG ect, because they want the internet they should pay for it to be a safe place. Lord knows they can easily afford to do this. You are better off to pay good hackers to work for good instead of leaving them their own devices. Another way would be to have an international agreement between all countries using the internet to de register and impose high fines on any internet provider that allows a bogus or scam company to operate. Or in a worse case scenario like some parts of South Africa just diss alow them to have internet access to the www until they deal with the high incidences of internet crime coming from that area. What’s happening to the intelligence in this world? Has the 5g pulsed microwave radiation already taken effect on human intelligence like many professionals predicted? It is certainly looking that way to me.