cms trading

guy de byl asked 6 years ago

cms phoned me offering to teach me. The person I spoke to was very knowledgeable about trading. I was very impressed. I am just following up and seeing whether they are a reliable company. I live in Australia and wouldn’t know how to reclaim my money if the company refused to send it to me. It worried me that there was a reference to Belgium and cms in a negative context. From what i could determine, Belgium have outlawed any foxex trader allowing day trading. Does this mean that cms trader is ok? i.e. is it just like any other forex trader? I hope that that is the case because i was impressed with what their trainer (Derek Jones) was telling me.

Michael replied 6 years ago

Broker Complaint Registry has received numerous complaints pertaining to this broker
We recommend not trading with CMS Trader. It is not regulated by any authority. We believe they are a scam.