Bad experience with Magnum Options

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Dante asked 6 years ago

 traded with Magnum Options for over 6 months. Every account manager I worked with (4 different account mangers) recommend trades that lost. Between the 4 different account managers I lost around $80k. I actually made more money trade binary option on my own then with the help from an account manager. I soon discovered that I needed to protect my money because I do not know whether or not these account managers are good at their job.  To sum everything up, I made a $80,000.00 deposit around 8/24/16 and as of today Magnum Options has not given back any money. They also refused to honor the Guaranteed Profit Contract I signed before making the $80k deposit. My account manager issued me the contract with “x0” turnover rate. But after I made the deposit he refused to provide me with the trade signals. He said he was not going to honor the contract unless I agreed to a turnover rate of 40x the amount even though the contract I signed with him did NOT have any turnover rate on it. To make matters worse, I discovered that this account manager had 1 of my trades deleted from my history. By doing this he has stolen $10k (amount of the trade) and $4850 (trade profits) for a total of $14850.00. BUNCH OF CHEATS & LIARS!!!! I want my money back but I don’t know how to get it.