Anyone ever traded with Cryptomusu?

Forum-QuestionsAnyone ever traded with Cryptomusu?
Jeff S asked 5 years ago

Are they safe to trade with?

Michael replied 5 years ago

CryptoMusu is an unlicensed Crypto CFD broker that opened in January 2018. Unfortunately, we have been dealing with quite a few complaints from this broker. We highly recommend that you stay away from them. They are a scam. If you were a Cryptomusu scam victim make a complaint here:

Olga replied 5 years ago

Hello,I deposited £200 into my verified Cryptomusu online account on 3rd of April this year. Before I started buying and selling with them, I requested a withdrawal of £200 back to my credit card to see that the money flow between the accounts takes place. It was on the 4th of April and today is 22nd of May and I still did not get my money back and various members of staff keep promising but never return my money. I have several chats where they say that I am entitled to get my money back. What can I do to get my money back as I have no trust in these con people? Thank you.

june ritchie replied 5 years ago

Cryptomusu are a scam organisations. They owe me £340 from trading, but have refused to pay me back and just keep making excuses about the fact that they have system problems

Alastair Sweetman replied 5 years ago

I am also in this position and am considering escalating. As they are unregulated what are the avenues? Trading Standards? Issuinng Banks? Press coverage?

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Jovlin answered 5 years ago

Cryptomusu is a scam organisation. As I wanted to withdraw my deposit out but they keep asking me to wait for the account manager to me but I wanted for couple of days and there is nobody call after that keep telling me say their system is under maintenance and keep asking me to wait.