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Is PetronPay a Scam Broker? 

PetronPay promotes itself as a unique opportunity to invest in petroleum. It is a scheme that encourages clients to urge their friends to participate. The original clients can then make money on the trades of the people they sign on. If this sounds familiar, it is the pattern of any MLM scheme. These schemes are almost never worth getting involved with and are generally regarded as frauds. 

Is PetronPay a Scam or Legit Broker?

One tip-off that PetronPay is not legitimate is that it claims to return 2.5% daily for clients. These generous claims are not realistic. A solid investment usually returns an average of 10% a year, not 2.5% a day. Customers should avoid doing business with PetronPay because of its resemblance to an MLM scheme, its impossible guarantees, and lack of transparency. This company has been the subject of a warning from Swiss regulators FINMA. 


Here are some problems we have discovered from our research on PetronPay and reviews:  

  • No license
  • Warning from the FINMA
  • An MLM or pyramid scheme
  • Negative reviews


Our experts do not recommend PetronPay.  We encourage visitors to do research, read our broker reviews, and select regulated brokers. If you have been scammed by PetronPay or any other broker, contact Broker Complaint Registry right away and we can advise you on fund recovery.