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Olymptrade.com is a popular online trading platform that allows users to trade various assets, such as forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities. The platform claims to offer high returns, low commissions, and a user-friendly interface. However, many traders have reported that Olymptrade.com is a scam that uses deceptive practices, such as manipulating prices, freezing accounts, and refusing withdrawals. In this blog post, we will review some of the evidence and complaints against Olymptrade.com and explain how you can protect yourself from such frauds.

One of the main red flags about Olymptrade.com is that it is not regulated by any reputable authority. The platform is operated by Inlustris Ltd., a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a notorious offshore jurisdiction for shady businesses. This means that Olymptrade.com does not comply with any international standards of transparency, security, and fair trading. Moreover, it means that traders have no legal recourse if they encounter any problems or disputes with the platform.

Another common complaint about Olymptrade.com is that it manipulates the prices of the assets to make traders lose money. Many users have reported that the platform shows different prices than the actual market prices, especially when the trades are about to expire. For example, a user may see that they are in profit, but when the trade closes, the platform suddenly changes the price and shows that they have lost. This is a clear sign of fraud and manipulation.

Furthermore, many traders have complained that Olymptrade.com freezes their accounts without any valid reason or warning. The platform may accuse the users of violating their terms and conditions, such as using multiple accounts, using bots, or engaging in arbitrage. However, these accusations are often baseless and arbitrary. The real motive behind freezing the accounts is to prevent the users from withdrawing their money or filing complaints.

Finally, many users have experienced difficulties and delays when trying to withdraw their money from Olymptrade.com. The platform may impose unreasonable requirements, such as verifying their identity multiple times, providing bank statements, or paying fees. The platform may also ignore or reject the withdrawal requests without any explanation. Some users have reported that they have never received their money back, even after months of waiting and contacting customer support.

If you are a victim of Olymptrade.com scam or any other online trading fraud, you may feel helpless and frustrated. However, you are not alone. There are many resources and services that can help you recover your money and seek justice. One of them is Brokercomplaintregistry.com, a website that specializes in helping traders who have been scammed by online brokers.

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