HK Kaiser Intl Review

HK Kaiser Intl Review

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Is HK Kaiser Intl a Scam? 

HK Kaiser Intl seems like a legitimate broker that offers CFDs, direct trading, and many types of trading. Unlike many unregulated brokers, HK Kaiser Intl actually warns on its website about the risks involved in CFD trading. The name HK Kaiser Intl may inspire confidence, but that is because it sounds just like SFC licensed broker called Kaiser Futures Limited. This is a common type of clone broker scam. 

Is HK Kaiser Intl a Scam or Legit?

The SFC, the main Hong Kong financial regulator, has warned against HK Kaiser Intl because it is pretending to be Kaiser Futures Limited, which has an SFC license. Unregulated brokers often piggyback on the reputation of licensed brokers. This is the reason it is important to do thorough research before signing up with a broker. Check all names and information carefully. 


Here are some problems we have discovered from our research on HK Kaiser Intl and reviews:  

  • A clone of a licensed broker
  • Warning from the SFC
  • Poorly written content
  • No names in the About Us section


Our experts do not recommend HK Kaiser Intl.  We encourage visitors to do research, read our broker reviews, and select regulated brokers. If you have been scammed by HK Kaiser Intl or any other broker, contact Broker Complaint Registry right away and we can advise you on fund recovery.