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Are You Wondering if FXIPRO Is a Scam Broker or Legitimate? 

If you feel sure that FXIPRO is a legitimate broker, check again. The name looks like FXPro, which is regulated by the FCA. However, this broker altered the name slightly to fool potential customers. If you are rushed, you may not notice the difference between FXPro and FXIPro. This is precisely how clone broker scams work. That’s why it’s important to always verify information on the regulator’s site before trusting a broker and to make sure it has a license. 


We’ve Found Some Problems with FXIPRO

The FCA has flagged FXIPro as a clone broker scam. It doesn’t have a license, it has been implicated in questionable practices and has been caught giving misleading information. Brokers like FXIPRO emphasize the problem of broker scams–they can lurk in disguise and many customers don’t realize there is a problem before it’s too late. 

Warning Signs FXIPRO May Be a Scam: 

  • Flagged by the FCA  
  • Suspicious activities
  • Lack of transparency
  • Negative reviews.

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