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Are You Wondering if FXBinastrade Is a Scam Broker or Legitimate? 

If you have heard about FBInastrade, ignore any recommendations. That’s because  FBInastrade is an unregulated broker that has been flagged by the FCA for multiple infractions. First, it’s offering its services to UK customers without a license. This is just one of its many problems. The FCA also notes that  FBInastrade is engaging in suspicious activities. We recommend staying away from this broker. 

We’ve Found Some Problems with FXBinastrade

When we looked further into this broker, we observed there were no names of people who run the brokerage. This implies that those with fake identities are in charge. This can’t be a good thing. Reliable brokers are usually eager to prove that they have a license and credentials to do the job. It seems  FBInastrade has a lot to hide, and we wouldn’t trust them. The prevalence of scam brokers demonstrates the need to double-check all information about a broker before signing up. Check these reviews often–our reviews will help you see which brokers to avoid. 

Warning Signs FXBinastrade May Be a Scam: 

  • Flagged by the FCA  
  • Suspicious activities
  • Lack of transparency
  • Negative reviews.

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