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Is Evergreen Offshore a Scam Broker?

Evergreen Offshore Inc at first glance seems like a legitimate broker. It has a listing on the Bloomberg website and is based in Hong Kong. Evergreen Offshore handles is a private equity firm that funds mergers, acquisitions and is involved in venture capital. At least this was Evergreen Offshore reputation because it has since filed chapter 11 and has closed down. 

Is Evergreen Offshore a Scam or Legit Broker?

So why write a review about a firm that has filed bankruptcy? Broker Complaint Registry has found that many brokers that disappear temporarily come back and consumers should be aware of the problem. Not only did Evergreen Offshore file Chapter 11 but it is a suspected scam and many of its clients are still seeking fund recovery. If you see a deal from this broker in the future, stay away. They are suspected of making off with $240 million. 

Our experts found out the following about Evergreen Offshore

  • Filed Chapter 11
  • Suspected scam
  • Beware of a return under another name

Our experts do not recommend Evergreen Offshore. We encourage visitors to do research, read our broker reviews and select regulated brokers. If you have been scammed by Evergreen Offshore or any other broker, contact Broker Complaint Registry right away and we can advise you on fund recovery.