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The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning against Denoxtrade in August 2023

 Denoxtrade is a forex and CFD broker that claims to offer a variety of trading instruments, platforms and account types. However, before you decide to invest your money with them, you should be aware of some red flags that indicate they might be a scam.

First of all, Denoxtrade is not regulated by any reputable authority. They claim to be based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but this is a notorious offshore jurisdiction where many scam brokers operate. There is no guarantee that your funds are safe with them, or that they will honor your withdrawal requests.

Secondly, Denoxtrade has a very poor reputation among online traders. There are numerous complaints and negative reviews about them on various forums and websites. Some of the common issues reported by their clients include:

  • High spreads and commissions
  • Manipulation of prices and charts
  • Rejection or delay of withdrawals
  • Aggressive and misleading marketing tactics
  • Harassment and pressure from account managers

Thirdly, Denoxtrade does not provide any verifiable information about their trading conditions, platforms or services. Their website is vague and unprofessional, and their customer support is unresponsive and rude. They do not offer any demo accounts, educational materials or trading tools. They also do not disclose any details about their liquidity providers, execution policy or risk management.

In conclusion, Denoxtrade is a broker that you should avoid at all costs. They are not trustworthy, transparent or reliable. They are likely to scam you out of your money and leave you frustrated and disappointed. If you are looking for a legitimate and regulated broker, you should do your own research and compare different options before making a decision.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Money with Denoxtrade?

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