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Cyrcoins is a website that claims to offer a platform for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. The website promises high returns, low fees, and secure transactions. However, the website also has several red flags that indicate that it might be a scam or a fraudulent operation. In this blog post, we will review Cyrcoins and its products and services, as well as its regulation and compliance status, customer reviews, location, and customer service. We will also provide our conclusion and recommendations for potential investors.

Regulation and Compliance:

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a crypto platform is its regulation and compliance status. This means that the platform has obtained the necessary licenses and permissions from the relevant authorities to operate legally and securely. It also means that the platform follows the rules and standards of the industry and protects its customers’ rights and interests.

Unfortunately, Cyrcoins does not seem to have any regulation or compliance status. In fact, the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Austria has issued a warning against Cyrcoins on 10 Oct 2023, stating that the provider is not authorised to carry out banking transactions in Austria that require a licence. The FMA also stated that the provider is not permitted to trade on a commercial basis on its own account or on behalf of others. The FMA’s warning can be found here:

This means that Cyrcoins is operating illegally and without any oversight or accountability. It also means that customers who use Cyrcoins are exposed to various risks, such as losing their money, having their personal information compromised, or being involved in illegal activities.

Customer Reviews:

Another way to assess the credibility and reputation of a crypto platform is to look at its customer reviews. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality and reliability of the platform’s products and services, as well as its customer service and support.

However, Cyrcoins does not have any customer reviews on its website or on any other reputable platforms. This is a major red flag, as it suggests that either the platform has no customers at all, or that it has deleted or hidden any negative reviews from its customers. It also suggests that the platform does not care about its customers’ feedback or satisfaction.

Products and Services:

Cyrcoins claims to offer a variety of products and services for crypto enthusiasts, such as:

– A crypto exchange that supports multiple currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more.

– A crypto wallet that allows users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies securely.

– A crypto trading platform that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage, margin, and automated strategies.

– A crypto mining service that allows users to earn passive income by renting out their computing power.

– A crypto education service that provides users with tutorials, guides, and tips on how to use cryptocurrencies effectively.

However, these products and services are either fake or unreliable. For example:

– The crypto exchange does not have any liquidity or volume, which means that users cannot execute their orders or get fair prices.

– The crypto wallet does not have any security features or encryption, which means that users’ funds are vulnerable to hacking or theft.

– The crypto trading platform does not have any regulation or verification, which means that users are exposed to market manipulation, fraud, or scams.

– The crypto mining service does not have any proof of work or proof of stake, which means that users are wasting their electricity and resources for nothing.

– The crypto education service does not have any quality or accuracy, which means that users are getting misleading or outdated information.


Cyrcoins does not disclose its location or contact details on its website. This is another red flag, as it indicates that the platform is trying to hide its identity or location from its customers or regulators. It also makes it difficult for customers to reach out to the platform in case of any issues or complaints.

Customer Service:

Cyrcoins does not provide any customer service or support for its customers. The website does not have any phone number, email address, live chat, or social media accounts. The only way to contact the platform is through a contact form on its website, which does not guarantee any response or resolution. This shows that the platform does not care about its customers’ needs or problems.


Based on our review, we conclude that Cyrcoins is a scam or a fraudulent operation that should be avoided by all investors. The platform has no regulation or compliance status, no customer reviews, no products and services, no location, and no customer service. The platform is operating illegally and unethically and poses various risks to its customers.