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Caution Investors – This is a suspected imposter entity. It may be impersonating or falsely claiming to be working with:

– a registered Australian business;

– Australian financial services licensee;

– Australian credit licensee; and/or

– the authorised representatives or employees of the business or licensee.

Overview of is a website that pretends to be a legitimate cryptocurrency broker, but it is not registered or authorized by any regulatory body. It uses fake testimonials, logos, and awards to create a false impression of credibility and trustworthiness. It also promises unrealistic returns and bonuses to lure customers into depositing money with them.

Regulation and Compliance of is not regulated or compliant with any laws or standards in the cryptocurrency industry. It does not have a license from any reputable authority, such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It also does not follow the anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) policies that are required for legitimate brokers. This means that customers have no protection or recourse if they encounter any issues or disputes with

Customer Reviews of has received many negative reviews and complaints from customers who have been scammed by them. Some of the common problems reported by customers include:


– Difficulty in withdrawing funds or closing accounts

– Unresponsive or rude customer service

– Unauthorized charges or deductions from accounts

– Manipulation or falsification of trading results

– Harassment or threats from agents or managers

Products and Services Offered By claims to offer a variety of products and services related to cryptocurrency trading and investment, such as:

– Crypto CFDs

– Crypto futures

– Crypto options

– Crypto signals

– Crypto education

However, these products and services are either nonexistent, unreliable, or illegal. does not have access to any real markets or platforms, and it uses fake software and data to simulate trading activities. It also does not provide any education or guidance on how to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies, but rather tries to persuade customers to deposit more money or take risky positions.

Location of does not disclose its physical location or contact details on its website. It only provides an email address and a phone number, which are likely to be fake or untraceable. It also uses a domain name that is registered in Panama, a country known for its lax regulations and anonymity. This makes it difficult for customers to verify the identity or legitimacy of, or to pursue any legal action against them.

Customer Service Provided By does not provide any quality customer service to its customers. It only communicates with customers through email or phone, and it does not have any live chat or social media channels. It also does not respond to customer inquiries or requests in a timely or professional manner. Instead, it uses aggressive or deceptive tactics to pressure customers into depositing more money or accepting unfavorable terms.

Defensive Measures Against Fraudulent Brokers:

To avoid falling prey to fraudulent brokers like, customers should take some defensive measures, such as:

– Researching the background and reputation of the broker before signing up with them

– Checking the license and registration status of the broker with the relevant authorities

– Reading the terms and conditions of the broker carefully and understanding the risks involved

– Using secure and reputable payment methods and platforms

– Keeping records of all transactions and communications with the broker

– Reporting any suspicious or fraudulent activities to the authorities

Conclusion: is a scam website that poses as a cryptocurrency broker, but it is actually an imposter entity that tries to defraud customers. It is not regulated or compliant with any laws or standards, and it does not offer any real products or services. It also uses fake testimonials, logos, and awards to create a false impression of credibility and trustworthiness. Customers should avoid dealing with at all costs, and report them to the ASIC if they encounter them.